Spartans Soccer Season Comes to a Close


Bryant Root, Sports Editor

The Berthoud High School Soccer team season is coming to a close. Their ldsdfg/ast game will be against their local rivals Loveland Classical on Wednesday the 20th of October. This game will be a close competition between the two teams. In the past match-ups between the two teams the scoreline was extremely close. Sadly this will be the last game for the 2021 Spartans soccer season as their current record is 3-11. With 3 wins and 11 losses this has been nothing less than a rough season for the Spartans. Many would say this season was a let down as the team had potential to go far. As put by starting forward Rikky Coke “Our season was kind of derailed by injuries we still put together some solid performance. But just got a bit unlucky in the end.” The team lost three key starters Josue Rodriguez with a (Left Lung Puncture), Bryant Root (Broken Nose) and Cody Goodwin (Concussion) all in the first half of the season which slowed their momentum and lowered their morale. Even though the season hasn’t been the brightest they hope to go out with a bang beating their rival Loveland Classical in a blowout fashion and ending it with a win.