Should foreign languages be required to graduate high school?

Will a foreign language help you with basic life skills?

Should foreign languages be required to graduate high school?

Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

Most schools require high school students to take a foreign language for two years to graduate. There are many different types of languages students can take, such as Spanish, French, German, and many more. Some take these classes for more than two years because some colleges require more than two years of these classes.

People who are bilingual overall have better communication, learning, and focusing skills. It’s shown that they score a lot better on school tests, but should this still be required for students to graduate from high school?

Students are required to take a certain amount of classes to graduate. Some of these classes, such as honors or AP, take up a lot of time in their life. With these classes you can either spend hours on homework that is important to get into college, or learn a new language that won’t help them with anything.

Having foreign languages classes in school can be a great thing for people who want to travel the world or if they are going into a study of a language, but for students who need the basic credits, it shouldn’t be required to spend time learning something that is not useful for them.

Many students don’t have a whole lot of time to study for the classes that are required for basic learning. Some students have jobs and other responsibilities, which makes it harder to learn a whole new language when they don’t have any free time.

Foreign language classes may be difficult, which will lead to the lack of motivation in the class. Lack of motivation is an accruing thing that happens for students when their school work increases or gets to hard. It can lead to stress in school and outside of school. If you aren’t familiar with the language you may fall behind in class, or you might have to spend more time studying for the class.

Schools should not require students to take two years of any foreign language to graduate. This should be an extra class to take if it is useful for that student.