An Overwhelmingly Successful Fundraiser for the Music Program

Hayden Rose, Editor

This past Sunday, October 24th, marked the beginning and end of a rather successful “mattress fundraiser,” hosted by the music director here at BHS, Sean Hedding, in collaboration with Tony Gittings, the owner of the CFS Denver area. CFS, or “Custom Fundraising Solutions,” is a company focused on raising money for schools and groups of people in need of funding for the betterment of their programs, such as our very own music programs here at BHS.

The mattress fundraiser, every year, takes place for one day of the year every fall. On the week preceding that day, typically a Sunday, the students are given the optional task of advertising the fundraiser to parents, friends, neighbors, and anyone that will listen. Through this advertising, the students hope to give away one of their personal coupons that entitles the user to free sheets with every mattress purchase, and adds that person’s purchases to the student’s credit. This credit goes towards a commission that goes directly to the student, providing incentive to participate. The total profit gets divided evenly between CFS and the BHS music program.

Last year, the music program brought in a total of $4,000 in profit, but this year, one family alone provided the music program with nearly $5,000, although the grand total has not been fully calculated as of yet, and should be sometime this week or next.

As the music program has managed to raise a significantly more abundant amount of money, they should be able to afford things like new loaner instruments, new music, chairs, stands, and decor.