BHS Marching Band Earns Second at Regionals


Alex Perricelli, Feature Writer

On October 20th 2021 Berthoud Marching Band had a really tough competition for regionals coming in second place — but, sadly, not placing for state by only .25 points. During the competition the band performed really well and they had a very good time while performing. Even though they didn’t make state, they think that it was the best and most fun run that they have had all season.

The Spartan Marching Band looks to only perform better than what they did this year, with coming this close to making state so that they can work and look to perform better than this year. The program is only planning on growing and becoming better than they have the last few years. Next year, the band will strive to make it to state and push the scores over what all of the previous bands have in the school.