Top Ten Candies for Halloween

Which candy is the best?


Candy is perhaps America’s national food, being made up entirely of sugar and fats, why wouldn’t it be. The 31st of October is perhaps the biggest day for candy in all of America, that day is Halloween. On this day, candy is given out at no cost to the small children who prowl the night. So it is probably appropriate that for Halloween, a very opinionated article should be written for which candy is the best. 


Now this list is my personal favorite candies all listed down from number 1 being the best and number 10 being the worst.


 Starting off the list with number ten is Dots. These candies are okay with their chewy texture and almost flavourless flair, the only thing they have going for them is the fact that I like their color.


 Number nine is Gobstoppers, now i’ve only ever gotten one from trick or treating in my life but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun, fun to throw i mean. 


Number eight in the list are the Candy Creek lollipops, these lollipops are the most common thing you can get other than pretzels, they are good, small, and simply overall a good candy. 


Number seven on this list are the random no name chocolates you get thrown in your bag, these are the candies that your parents thought were poisoned when you were a kid, as far as i’m aware these candies have never poisoned me, but they did taste good. 


Number six on the list are the Sour Patch Kids, with the occasional actual sour one they are just sweet gummies in the shape of small children, so amazing candies. 


Number five are the Nerds, the Nerds alone may not be that sour but if you down the whole box like I do, that’s when they become good. 


Number four on the list is the Hershey bar, the typical chocolate you get, it’s good and consistent every time, but they do tend to coat your mouth with something in my experience.


 Number three on this list are the Tootsie Roll lollipops, giant pops that taste absolutely amazing with the only drawback being their name brand candy in the middle of the lollipop.


 Number two on the list are the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, one of the most delicious and most unhealthy candy despite having peanut butter, overall this candy is good and almost made number one…almost. 


The number one best candy to get in your bag is….


 a KitKat, they are hip, they are cool and you can build houses with them, and they also taste good.