Chick-fil-A versus Raising Cane’s, Chicken Debut of the Century!


Bryant Root and Josh Rodriquez

Why Canes is Better!!!

In my personal opinion Raising Canes is the best Fried chicken restaurant in Colorado, its taste and quality is unparalleled to any other restaurant including Chick-Fil-A. Raising Canes was founded on August 28 1996. The business was started by Todd Graves After he quit his job at Guthries Chicken Fingers. He Founded this amazing restaurant  in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United states. With the history out of the way I’m gonna tell you why Raisin Canes is a better restaurant than Chick-Fil-A. For starters Rasin Canes has an amazing piece of steak loaf that they serve with their foods which might I add comes in basically a giant dish. The Rasin Canes is a good, reliable restaurant that only needs a few dishes on their menu and they are still considered better than Chick-Fil-A. Speaking honestly, my past experiences with chick-fil-a were not terrible. Last time I went, I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich that came out in a speedy fashion. The sandwich had a good taste, it wasn’t amazing but the sandwich was ok tasting. What they did do great however was their buns,they tasted good being slightly toasted and not drawing flavor away from the meat. While results may vary from personal opinion I do think that Rasin Canes is generally a better tasting restaurant, a better quality restaurant and overall a good restaurant.


Written by Joshua Rodriquez


Why Chick-Fil-A is Better!!!

Chick-fil-A is a better overall restaurant compared to Raising Canes and here’s why!! But before I go into the flaws and perfections of each restaurant I want to talk about the research that my counterpart and I conducted at Berthoud High School. Of the 9 People we asked, “which is better, Chick-fil-a or Raising Canes and why?” 5 said Chick-fil-a and 4 said Raising Canes. Of the 5 that voted for Chick-fil-A they gave reasons such as better tasting breading, menu variety along with better customer service. I recently went to both Chick-fil-a and Raising Canes to settle this debut once and for all. As my findings were not at all surprising.

 When I went to Raising Canes the wait took a while, for the amount of cars in the drive thru. The customer service was also sub-par. But for the important part the food consisted of 6 chicken fingers, one piece of Texas toast and coleslaw. The Texas toast was by far the best part of the dish. But the chicken was worse than I had expected as it was moist and squishy and the breading was not flavorful whatsoever. On the other hand their sauce was very flavorful but the fact that you have to pay to get extra sauce was disappointing. From my experience Canes is either a hit or miss. 

To the other hand Chick-fil-a was a very consistent experience as they are always charismatic, hearing “my pleasure” whether they mean it or not. The time it takes to get your food is also fairly quickly as they get the line moving no matter how many people they are. But the food is always consistently good. It’s not the greatest chicken you’ll have in your life. But it’s a good crispy piece of chicken that you can’t go wrong with. Along with the wide variety of tasting sauce they give to you for free. Their breeding, like what others said in our research, was much better than Raising Canes. You also can’t go wrong with their Chick-fil-a Spicy Deluxe Sandwich with Zest Buffalo Sauce. That recommendation will convince you I’m right just by itself. To conclude this Chick-fil-A is a better overall chicken restaurant chain. While Raising Canes is a hit or miss restaurant chain you can’t count on. 


Written by, Bryant Root