Is Senioritis already kicking in for seniors?

Is there a cure for Senioritis?


Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

We are almost half ways done with the school year, and senior students at BHS are ready to leave. Many students are taking classes at Front Range Community College, and these classes are getting them ready for their plans after high school. Construction, welding, and other classes are being taken by our BHS high school students. Many of these students really enjoy taking these classes because they get to experience real life scenarios. FRCC is another step into these students lives, leading to having a bigger case of senioritis.

After talking with some of the seniors are school, they can all agree their senioritis started before their senior year. Some think this has to deal with the facts that the last full year of school, without COVID, was back to freshman year. 2022 Seniors have had to dealing with COVID for three years of their high school experience.

Teacher also have been noticing the change in students attitude in school. Students are acting lazier and not willing to do their work. After Christmas break, students tend to fall back a little because they only have half a school year left of school.

Hopefully by the time we get out of high school we will look back and appreciate the memories we have made here.