What is the true meaning of Thanksgiving?

What is the true meaning of Thanksgiving?

Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

Thanksgiving is a national holiday between the United State and Canada, celebrating the harvest of the past years. The typical turkey eating started in the Plymouth age when a few colonist would go out and harvest a goose or duck since it was much easier than hunting for a turkey. Nowadays, people eat turkey as their main dish at Thanksgiving dinner.

The New England colonist spend their Thanksgiving day celebrating and praising God. They would praise for rain after a drought, the growth of corn after years of no growth, the healing of an illness, and much more.

After 1798, the U.S Congress agreed to let the states decide on weather or not Thanksgiving should be celebrated as a national holiday. There was a lot of arguments because it is a religious holiday.  In 1863, President Lincoln said that Thanksgiving will become a national holiday, and to celebrated on Thursday, November 26. After Lincoln’s proclamation, every president followed in his stepped and celebrated Thanksgiving every year.

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is celebrate by having a big supper ad having all of your relatives gathered around the table to give thanks. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberries, potatoes, and many more foods are ate this time of year. A fun facts about Thanksgiving is the lady who wrote “Mary Had A Little Lamb” was the one who convinced Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.