Xbox has it’s 20th Anniversary

Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt

Monday, November 15th, Xbox live-streamed it’s 20th anniversary on Twitch and YouTube. The event was held to show appreciation for the past 20 years the Xbox has served to the community and to announce new features and the launch of the highly anticipated Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

The live stream started by playing back the first Xbox event 20 years ago with Bill Gates and the one and only, Dwayne the Rock Johnson promoting the original Xbox. The majority of the event was looking back at how Xbox has brought people together through gaming with quite a huge surprise towards the end of the live stream. Dwayne showed up again in the live stream to promote his new Netflix movie while revealing more than 70 original Xbox and Xbox 360 games become backward compatible. Xbox also teased it’s new Halo TV show for a few seconds that will be streaming in 2022. 343 Industries had the last 5 minutes of the 30-minute event to announce the upcoming Halo Infinite. Joseph Staten(Head of Creative for Halo Infinite) and Tom French(Multiplayer Associate Creative Director) surprisingly announced the open beta for Halo Infinite multiplayer is releasing during the event. Halo multiplayer was first released on Steam during the event while less than an hour later released on the Xbox store.

Xbox this week has hit a big milestone for it’s console lineup, and it was even bigger for the gamers who have been there since day one. Xbox and Microsoft did a great job for it’s 20th anniversary, releasing Halo Infinite Multiplayer and showing appreciation for all the gamers who have stuck with them through thick and thin.