The Best Video Game Genre


Hayden Rose

Standard Osu Gameplay.

Hayden Rose, Editor

There are many different types of video games in the world right now, especially in the midst of the pandemic. Of the many I’ve tried, including sandbox games, first person shooter (fps) games, battle royales, and story driven games, I must say that rhythm games are my favorite. Out of all of the other types of games listed, rhythm games are the only genre in which I’ve been able to pick it up, and never stagnate in my progress or run out of content.

For one thing, the majority of rhythm games are either free or irresistibly cheap, and the content is mainly made by normal people, not developers, who play the game. Perhaps one of the most popular examples is the game “Osu,” created by Dean Herbert, more commonly known as Peppy, online. Osu is a game in which you use two keys on your keyboard to click the circles, sliders, and spinners in a “beatmap.” Circles are a single beat, and should be tapped once, and sliders are a circle that extends some way around the map, and have to be tapped and held until your cursor reaches the end of the slider. Spinners are a large area that appears on screen, in which you have to hold down the button and spin your cursor around the center for a set duration. All of the songs, with the exception of a few songs meant for beginners were made by the community alone within the game’s built-in beatmap editor. All of the songs are free, and with vast amounts of songs and difficulties to choose from, it’s pretty much impossible to run out of content or stop progressing altogether. I’ve been playing this game for years, and I still enjoy it to this day, and I constantly find new maps to test my skills on.

Another prime example of a game in this genre is Beat Saber, a hot new VR game that tests your reflexes and physical stamina. To play this game, you use two controllers provided with a VR headset to slash colored boxes in a set direction corresponding to the colors of your sabers. The thing about this game, being one that was created in VR, is that it’s expensive, pricing at $29.99 on the Oculus store. With the game, you get a wide range of default songs to choose from, and many difficulties ranging from easy to seemingly impossible, however you do have to either pay for additional beatmaps or mod your game to add community-made maps yourself.

Overall, these games have been my favorite since I first discovered them, and because I’ve been able to keep interest in them, I will continue to enjoy them for as long as I have room to improve in these games. If you find yourself bored and lacking in game content to play, consider giving some of this genre a try!