The Life of A Senior

How does freshman year compare to senior year?


Sidney J Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

Waking up at 9 o’clock everyday sure is nice. Only having 3-4 classes a day and only going to 1 of them is also really nice. Senior year is the best year of high school. Is it really though? Where are you going to college? Are you going to college? Don’t wastes you life away. Go to college and get a degree. These words are the words that circle a senior’s head. Your last year being a kid and all you have going on is what you want to do for the rest of your life.

My senior year isn’t going that bad. I have all easy class with all my friends. Being marked tardy or absent doesn’t affect me anymore because I know these past four years don’t matter anymore once I get excepted to a college. Comparing freshman year to senior year, I would have to say it gets easier as you go on. I remember being a scared little freshman and looking up to the bigger seniors. I thought these four years couldn’t go quick enough, but now I am at the last semester of high school. I do have a plan for after high school, but that all can change. Looking down on the freshman and realizing they still have four years in this school is crazy. I enjoy high school but I couldn’t do it for another years. One of my favorite memories as a senior is the first day of school because I knew it would be my last first day. It’s going to be hard to walk away from the students and teachers I have made a connection with, but that is what makes walking away worth it. I’ll have a smile walking out of this school because I know I made an impact there and have had people make an impact on my life that I won’t forget.

As the clock ticks down to our very last hour of senior year. I want all seniors to remember life as a freshman. Scared, frustrated, and thrilled. Take those feelings and remember them because you’re going to feel the same walking into the first day of college, job, or whatever you do after high school.