Why You Should Join Journalism


Nathaniel (Fox) Prewitt

As I graduate next week, I thought that for my last article for the Maroon tribune, I would write about the time that I was able to spend in this class and why I believe that it is one of the best classes that I took during my whole time during high school. If you don’t know already, Journalism is where you write papers about local events or worldwide. You can take Journalism for either a semester class or the year. Journalism helps you learn how to write fast and meet quick deadlines with ease. This class is open to freshmen to seniors.

What I did in Journalism

My friend convinced me to join journalism by telling me that I could write about anything. During my time in journalism, I decided to write a feature on my hobby, technology. I write a weekly paper called Tech of the Week. I have written articles about gaming technology, home studios, and audio systems. Joining journalism has allowed me to spend my class time researching my passion without getting in trouble. I also decided to make a podcast with my friends where we get together for an hour and talk about whatever we want. The podcast has had a slow start-up with a few challenges and some setbacks but we are getting some new episodes now without trouble. Watch out this 25th for our Christmas episode where we have quite a few things planned out.

The Average Journalism Class

Led by the one and only Ted Fabiano, Journalism is for everyone looking for a good time. On Mondays, we spend the majority of our class period talking about the highlights of our weekends to help with our team building. On Wednesdays, we either spend the class writing articles if we are running behind or we spend half the period playing a game like Catchphrase or Pictionary. On Friday, we have a writing period till the last 15 minutes of the class when we walk around the school to get ideas for stories. The dynamic of the classroom is very independent. You get your work done yourself without others telling you what you have to do. Journalism is a great opportunity if you like to write about your school or your hobbies.

Weekly Requirements

But don’t be confused, journalism isn’t an off period for you; you have weekly requirements if you want to pass this class. The first requirement of this class is to be able to write an article a week. You are responsible to write articles on school events if your other classmates are busy. If you don’t finish your stories on time you bring the whole class behind. The other requirement of this class is to peer edit two other classmates’ stories weekly so that everything that is uploaded is grammatically correct for our viewers. Besides stories we also have galleries of spirit week or holiday spirits. We also work for badges to make our website Best of Sno. Journalism is very competitive and at The Maroon Tribune, we are shooting for gold.

Public Speakers

During my time in journalism, we have had a couple of public speakers come in and help teach us how to write stories. Taking Journalism is a great way to learn how to become a better writer and we get to talk to interesting people and how they turned journalism into a career. Mr. Fabiano also took us to CSU during Journalism Day where we got to learn about journalism, photography, and creating a podcast. Journalism is unlike a regular high school class. The students get to run the class and design the stories.



The four months that I spent writing for The Maroon Tribune have probably been the best time I had during my time at Berthoud High School. The class dynamic is free-flowing where you are not judged for your ideas or stories. At the beginning of the year, it took me a couple of hours before I could finish writing a paper but now after writing for The Maroon Tribune I can get a two-page article done within an hour. My writing has also improved drastically due to Mr. Fabiano and countless journalism professionals helping us improve our work. You can be in charge of the class and you get to work with a lot of different people like professional journalists and other teachers to produce work for your school. I am sad that I am retiring from The Maroon Tribune but I believe that this is one of the best classes you can take during high school, I highly recommend that you at least give journalism a try this next semester.