Unified Basketball

Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

The Unified Basketball team is a basketball team sponsored by the Special Olympics. The kids work very hard each day to get ready for games. They play eight games each year, and last year they were undefeated 6-0. This team is run by Ms. Lutz and Officer Mosely. The students can continue to come back and play until they reach age 21. Many do come back because of the welcoming team environment that has been provided. Mosely is excited this year because parents in the community have sponsored the team, allowing them to purchase new uniforms and other exciting new gear.

These students do receive an athletic letter after completing a year in this program. After speaking to some of these kids, they seem thrilled to start the year.

“These kids can have the same experience as the other kids in high school. The kids are the most important part of this program”, said Mosley. Officer Mosley has been a part of this program for the last four years. He thinks these kids deserve the same amount of respect as the rest of us. He is excited to have a new player on the team this year.