2022 Snow-Fest


Josh Rodriquez, Feature editor

The Berthoud Snow Fest is a festival usually held during the wintertime to help boost spirits during the cold season. The main attraction to the snow fest is the Snow sculpture contest, this is where competitors get a block of compacted snow and ice and begin carving out their designs. Once designs are finished they are judged and then placed, then they are put on display for the public to view. This year the amateur winners were team Kevin Featuring Berllyn Klide Savanna Klide and Andrew Clarkson. However, this year’s judges were fresh to judging and this would be their first time judging. In the rules for judging they state that the ice piece that is relating most to pop culture should receive fewer points whereas a piece that is completely original would normally get higher, however that was not the case this year. The first place pieces was one that was drawn from pop culture which should have earned them fewer points whereas the piece that got third place should’ve gotten more due to its originality.


Juinor Pierceson Nugent placed second with the junior Maliki Alexander and freshmen Maebe-Rose Vanderbeek with their interpretation of King Arthurs Sword in the Stone.  Nugent explained, “We put it an awakened angle and we’re surprised it didn’t melt, we thought about king author and how he pulled the sword from the stone, we wanted to put a unique twist and we made it older.”