Two Kinds of People: Are You a Saver or a Spender?

Why should you save your money?


Sidney Gerner and Alex Perricelli

Everyone says that there are two types of people in this world, the spenders and the savers. The spenders are people who buy what they see and get whatever they want. The savers are smart responsible people who save their money so they can invest and buy things that actually matter to them. We have two groups of people who will write about their views on spending and saving. Are you a saver, or a spender?


I save money because I would rather save up for something I can use over and over, rather than spend it on small things such as food that would go away. It is nice to buy little things for myself once in a while, but I would rather buy something that would help me in the future. I am trying to save my money because I am going to college soon. I will be in a lot of debt if I don’t start saving up my money. I hate the feeling of having little to no money in my account, which is why I don’t allow myself to buy things I don’t need. Saving money has many benefits such as, increases the feeling of peace of mind, having the knowledge of money when you’re young, and feeling better about yourself when you finally do spend it. – Sidney Gerner


I save money because of I would much rather spend my money on something large that matters to me, than spend all my money on small things. Ever since I began playing competitive softball in 6th grade, my parents tasked me with paying for the season. One season alone usually costs $1,500, but can cost upwards of $2,000. This expense doesn’t include the travel and the equipment costs. When I was younger I would pay for my season through do chores for my parents. As I got older, the funding came from babysitting jobs. Once I got my license, however, I got a real job and have had to pay for all the expenses by my self. I love softball, and it is my one main passion in life. Because of this, I would much rather save all my money and spend it on softball, then spend money on useless stuff. -Sierra Pirkey



I have never been good at saving money. Ever since I was a kid I have always spent money as soon as I got any. Usually within a week of my birthday all my money is gone. A lot of my money goes to food, coffee, and clothes. I love thrift shopping. It’s really good for me because I am able to spend money and go shopping, but I don’t spend as much as I would if I went to a new clothing store. I also spend money when I am out with friends. We go get food or coffee or go shopping. Recently I wanted a super cute vest and it was 100 dollars, but I didn’t buy it and I saved my money. I was really proud of that.  – Mary Beth

Saving isn’t very easy. Spending however is pretty easy. I am able to spend quite a bit. When I am not spending I’m usually doing something else fun but how does spending affect my life. Spending affects my life in good and bad ways. One good way spending has affect my life is by giving me joy because when I spend I am filled with happiness, Although when i am spending a way that spending affects me in a bad way is when I am saving for a car and I want something from the store so i go and get what i want and then my saving fund for a car goes down because I have just spent money on Items or clothes that I wanted.-Kevin Bates