Are Parents Too Hard on Their Kids?

Dear Parents, we are trying.


Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Parents,

We might not be the best kids all the time, but we put in all the effort we physically and mentally can. Why do parents push their kids to be the best? Do they push them to be better than they were? Are they just controlling? Parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes they only want what they think is the best for them.

As I get ready to graduate high school, I have a lot of responsibilities on my back. Getting ready for college is very stressful. Once I got in, I thought all my worries would be over and I could just coast the rest of the way. Being accepted was just the start of my worries. Now I have to turn into a “picture perfect” young adult. I soon will be living on my own, three hours away from home. Starting all over again from the beginning of high school. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to finally move out, but part of me is scared. Life is always going too fast for young adults. Adults nowadays had a completely different life than kids now. When they were kids they didn’t have phones, which means their parents can’t track who they are talking to, what they post on social media, and track their location. They had more freedom and were able to learn from their mistakes.

Parents are having their kids use an app called Life360. This app allows anyone in your family to see your location, speed, and when you arrive at a place. This app doesn’t allow kids to move freely with their life because their parents are always in the know of where or what they are doing. When parents were kids they could leave the house and not worry about having a tracking device on them. I understand having this app for little kids or someone who just started driving, but once you hit a certain age, it becomes irrelevant. It’s a good app to keep people safe, but shouldn’t be used to constantly track someone.

Kids will make mistakes, and they will learn from them. If they have a parent who doesn’t allow you to make these mistakes, they learn nothing. That’s part of growing up. Becoming a young adult is hard because people want you to be responsible like an adult, but will still treat you like a kid. Some kids know what they want to do in life, but they have people telling them it’s the wrong path. Let them take that path and figure it out. Parents, you can only hold their hand for so long. Letting go of that little kid you raised for 18 years is hard, but it is up to them to venture into the world and find who they are.