Skiing or Snowboarding?

Do the students at Berthoud like snowboarding or skiing better?


Mary Beth Morgan

All across the winter sports community, there is a huge debate over whether skiing or snowboarding is the better sport. Many people have strong opinions over this controversial argument, especially the students here at Berthoud High School. Mountain Warehouse says that as a beginner, it is easier to start with skiing, but it is easier to gain new skills with snowboarding. The debate as a whole has no scientific backing for which is better. It all comes down to your individual preference.
Many people in our school said that snowboarding was better. Quintin Low (Senior) said that he originally started skiing, but he eventually switched to snowboarding. Low feels that it is more relaxing with less to think about. Alex Mahoney (Senior) agrees that snowboarding is the better of the two. Mahoney said, “You can do cooler tricks that look cooler with snowboarding. With skiing, everyone looks like ‘Jerries’ and people have more style with snowboarding. The boots are better and the boards are easier to carry. It’s also easier to get back up after falling while snowboarding.” Anndee Davidson (Senior) says she enjoys how the snowboarding community is typically younger. People tend to really enjoy the laid-back lifestyle that snowboarding offers. Connor Maxwell (Senior) agrees that snowboarding is better simply because of the community around it.
There may be a lot of snowboarders in our school, but we definitely have a lot of skiers in our halls. People tend to prefer skiing because they feel that they have more freedom. Tony Knobloch (Senior) explained that he loves having more movement and range with skiing. You feel less constrained while skiing. Evan Sauget (Junior) agrees and explains that skiing is more natural and flows better. Hudson Grimditch(Senior) agreed that skiing is the better option by explaining that skiing while trees are involved is a lot more entertaining. Ms. White (Social Studies Teacher) who held a world record at being the youngest person to ski on all seven continents, says that she enjoys skiing in powder a lot more than snowboarding in powder.
There will never be a definite answer to this question of whether skiing or snowboarding is better, but that won’t stop skiers and snowboarders everywhere from arguing over which is the better snow sport.