Costco and Sam’s Club Showdown


     Costco and sams club are the two biggest bulk stores in the US. On criteria consisting of Food, Deli, Electronics, and Overall Merchandise. The first and most important criterion is food. When you go inside either store there is a giant cafeteria area where you can buy different foods like Hotdogs, Pizzas, and desserts like churros and ice cream. Senior Bryant Root said, “ Their hotdogs are good and they’ve got cheap prices.”  Senior Blake Wysock commented saying “ I’ve only had Sam’s clubs Churros but they are still pretty good.”  My own unbiased opinion is that Costco has better food and deals for their food.


    The next criteria that need to be looked at are the Deli sections of each store. In my past experience, Costco has always had a more fresh selection of meats and cheeses. While Sams Clubs Chicken always had a better taste to me.


    As you first enter either store you are greeted with the electronics section where each store features the newest tech. For the most part, they have relatively the same items but the way in which the items are set up is just as important to what the stores are selling. Sam’s club features their smaller electronics then as you walk further in you see their display of TVs whereas Costco does the opposite. Sam’s club interior in terms of their electronics are better placed in my opinion but I guess it is in the eye of the beholder.


    Overall the stores are basically the same with the way its set up and the products they feature. As far as the normal merchandise goes they are made of relatively the same quality so in that regard I’d say they break even.


    It is my opinion that Costco is just generally a better store overall but in a way, i don’t think it really matters because they are basically the same. I think you’d only find one more attractive by how close which store is to you.