FCA Update 2/4


This past week on February 3rd, Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted Sierra Peterson as she lead the group in discussion. This week, she discussed to the huddle about the goals of FCA, and where she hopes to take the northern Colorado huddles in the future. One huge update has been the announcement of personal merchandise for FCA. FCA will begin selling hoodies and other apparel online, and will offer students an opportunity to purchase apparel for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Sierra Peterson expressed that she hopes by releasing apparel for the club, other students will be drawn in and gain understanding of the club. To purchase apparel, visit the link https://faclovelandspring2022.itemorder.com/shop/sale/?saleCode=ZB3HF. Next Thursday, February 10, FCA will be hosting Brock Voth via zoom in order to hear from him about his personal experiences in FCA at the collegiate level. We hope to see you there!