Is Big-Foot Real

Is Big-Foot Real

Josh Rodriquez, Feature editor

Is Bigfoot real? Yes, Bigfoot is real, and here is why. Bigfoot is an animal that has been sought out for generations and with a history dating back to back when people were still nomadic. Where stories would be told around campfires about a large hairy man who wanders through the forest. 


While if these sightings were only in the United States up to a recent point in history then others including myself would start to become suspicious but however, there are stories and reports from all over the world. 

In Australia, there is the Yowie or the “Hairy Man of the Wood” where his descriptions vary slightly from the North American version but the base description stays the same, Big ape-like man with a height of around seven to nine feet tall with long arms and an ape-like face

In China there is the Yeren is identified as a sightly shorter ape-man with reddish-brown hair whose habitat seems to cover the high rainforest in China with enough reports coming to get the Chinese government involved in a state-funded investigation.


In my very well-backed-up opinion Bigfoot is real. There are many different folk stories from all continents of the world dating back to a time when these different inhabitants had no contact with each other, With that in mind it is my personal belief that the odds that different people from all over the world couldn’t lie about the same relative animal for countless years