Studio 850 Bursts Onto Scene In the Library



Virgo by Ava Condon

Alex Perricelli, Feature Editor

Studio 850 is the new way to display art at Berthoud High school, it is located in the IMC displayed on boards and on tons of the shelves. Studio 850 is to show off the talent of students outside of sports and show off the kids with talent in any type of art form if it’s metalworking to drawing it is all displayed there. The idea of Studio 850 came from Ms Barret, she thought it was bad that there wasn’t an art show every year for the kids so she came up with the idea to have a month long show displaying certain themes that the teachers choose but the students show what pieces they want to post. Next month there will definitely be photography and maybe some drawing pieces. “ It’s to show off the multi talent of the students, give light to the art that they are creating.” Mrs Quick said. Every month the art will change themes and all new pieces of art will be posted. Go check out what the Spartans are posting in studio 850 and see all of their talent.