Roundtable: Our Lost Childhood


Okay. So today we’re going to do a round table discussion about the nostalgic things that we grew up with when we were little. Okay, so do y’all remember any of the… Particularly like the games and little things that we collected when we were younger? You know, like those things?



Yeah. Pokemon cards.



Ooh. Yeah. Okay, like how-





Speaker 9: 

I haven’t outgrown my Beyblades. So…


Sierra: (00:30)

Did y’all ever like get together with your friends though and trade with your like Pokemon cards and stuff?


Speaker 6: (00:33)

Oh, yeah. All the time.


Sierra: (00:33)

And have like big trade deals?


Speaker 5: (00:38)

[crosstalk 00:00:38]-


Speaker 4: (00:38)

I didn’t really have friends, but I did it with my brother.


Sierra: (00:42)




That explains a lot.


Speaker 4: (00:42)

I was-


Speaker 6: (00:42)

He was homeschooled, though.


Speaker 4: (00:43)

I was so stupid when I was trading, like Pokemon cards. I didn’t care about how strong they were or anything like that. I just wanted the ghost Pokemons. That’s all I wanted. I traded for all the ghost… I think I still have an entire set of just ghosts. So, I mean…


Sierra: (01:00)

That’s so cool.


Speaker 6: (01:00)

I didn’t under… Like my brother had Pokemon cards. Like bags just filled with them and I never like understood what they did or mean. And I was like, “Ooh, that one’s pretty. I want that one. I’m want that one- “


Sierra: (01:09)

I collected stuff based on like what they looked like.


Speaker 6: (01:12)

Oh yeah, for sure.


Sierra: (01:13)

Did you guys ever get in trouble for collecting them at school though?


Speaker 3: (01:16)

Oh yeah.


Speaker 4: (01:17)

My parents used to get really angry [crosstalk 00:01:18] –


Speaker 3: (01:17)

I got sent to the principal’s office and I cried there.


Sierra: (01:25)

Okay. Do y’all remember the shows that we grew up with, like Wizards of Waverly Place, like kicking it. Dude, those for the best. What was your favorite show growing up, Kevin?


Speaker 7: (01:35)

I would have to say Wizards of Waverly Place. I watched all of it, but they stopped producing it on Disney Channel, so I was not happy. Mm- hmm (affirmative). Me and Disney Channel has a beef.


Speaker 8: (01:48)

My favorite-


Sierra: (01:49)

[crosstalk 00:01:49] Oh, go, [inaudible 00:01:50].


Speaker 8: (01:50)

My favorite was Hannah Montana. Like if you did not want the sparkly dress that she wore-


Speaker 6: (01:56)

Oh, I actually had the guitar. Did you ever see the purple rock guitar?


Speaker 4: (02:00)

[crosstalk 00:02:00].


Speaker 6: (02:00)

I had that.


Speaker 8: (02:00)

I had like a Barbie… tour bus for Hannah Montana. It was so cool.


Speaker 6: (02:05)

That’s so cool.


Sierra: (02:06)

Alex, what was your favorite childhood show?


Speaker 5: (02:07)

[crosstalk 00:02:07] Once [crosstalk 00:02:07] make sure everyone’s [crosstalk 00:02:08] blinking [crosstalk 00:02:08] mouth wide open or anything. [crosstalk 00:02:08].


Speaker 4: (02:08)

I didn’t really watch childhood shows. I just watched a boatload of Disney movies. Like that’s All I ever-


Speaker 1: (02:15)

Do you need a library [crosstalk 00:02:16]-


Sierra: (02:16)

Which ones? Like the Disney original or like-


Speaker 9: (02:17)

Like the original Lion King, Cars 1, Toy Story, like I was… You know, I would watch them so many times that I would memorize the songs and once the songs start playing, I would just sing along with them.


Speaker 3: (02:29)

Oh, I remember-


Speaker 9: (02:30)

Like car rides, my parents would be so upset with mem because I’d be singing You Got a Friend in Me.


Speaker 3: (02:35)

I remember, when I was a kid, I used to only be able to fall asleep if there was like a movie on and I put Mulan on like every night. So-


Speaker 9: (02:44)

Yeah, Mulan’s a good one.


Speaker 3: (02:45)

I remember all of the songs from it.


Speaker 8: (02:47)

Have you ever seen Mulan 2?


Speaker 3: (02:49)



Speaker 9: (02:49)

Who would?


Speaker 1: (02:49)

It’s good.


Speaker 7: (02:50)



Speaker 8: (02:50)



Speaker 9: (02:51)

I think it’s very good.


Speaker 8: (02:53)

Thank you.


Sierra: (02:53)

Josh, did you ever watch like-


Speaker 3: (02:54)

The new one or like a sequel?


Sierra: (02:57)

[crosstalk 00:02:57] shows going up?


Speaker 9: (02:58)

The second one.


Sierra: (02:58)

When you were homeschooled?


Speaker 4: (03:01)

I don’t know if a lot of people, this might have just been like a California show, but I watched Ruff Ruff FETCH! on PBS-


Sierra: (03:06)

What was that about?


Speaker 9: (03:06)

What is that?


Speaker 4: (03:09)

It’s like a game show where the dog is telling these kids to go everywhere. You remember it?


Speaker 8: (03:13)

I loved that show.


Speaker 4: (03:16)

I would come home to watch that show after school, every single, I think it was, Thursday… Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Speaker 8: (03:20)

Dude, the theme song of that show. So good.


Speaker 4: (03:23)

I don’t even remember. I just remember it was like good.


Speaker 3: (03:24)

I remember there was this one show… I can’t remember what channel it was on and I can’t even remember the name, but it was like Wipe Out, but like they did it at like a castle and there was this other team that would, I think, like shoot water at them and throw stuff at them.


Speaker 6: (03:40)



Speaker 8: (03:40)

Yeah. I remember that. Wipeout was the best.


Speaker 3: (03:40)

I can’t remember the name of it.


Speaker 9: (03:40)

I just remember wipe out. That was a legend show.


Sierra: (03:46)

Yeah. That was a good show.


Speaker 9: (03:47)

I liked Hole in the Wall too.


Speaker 8: (03:48)

Okay. I swear we all grew up watching Wipeout and thinking, like it’d be so much-


Speaker 9: (03:52)

Yeah. It’s so easy.


Speaker 6: (03:52)

So easy.


Speaker 9: (03:52)

We could do that.


Speaker 4: (03:55)

Did any of you guys watch America’s Funniest Home Videos with Tom Bergeron?


Sierra: (04:01)

Oh my God.


Speaker 8: (04:01)

That was the best.


Speaker 7: (04:01)

I had a CD with like-


Speaker 4: (04:01)

Tom Bergeron is my favorite host ever.


Speaker 8: (04:03)

He is the best one.


Speaker 6: (04:05)

That was a good show.


Sierra: (04:07)

Did you guys ever watch like… Oh my gosh, do you guys remember like the Magic School Bus days? Like when you would show up at school and like they would always put on Magic School Bus? Those days hit different.


Speaker 6: (04:17)

When the TV was rolled out.


Speaker 9: (04:18)

Okay that was pretty exciting. [crosstalk 00:04:18]-


Sierra: (04:18)

When the TV was rolled out.


Speaker 6: (04:19)

[crosstalk 00:04:19] day. Oh yeah.


Speaker 9: (04:21)

[crosstalk 00:04:21] Magic School Bus.


Sierra: (04:21)

No, for sure. Okay. Did y’all ever go on like field trips when you were younger though?


Speaker 3: (04:25)



Speaker 9: (04:26)

Anderson farms. Second grade. Oh, I loved Anderson farms.


Speaker 3: (04:30)

I remember third grade. We went to the museum in Denver and then we spent the night there and then went to the zoo.


Speaker 1: (04:36)

[crosstalk 00:04:36] So [crosstalk 00:04:36]


Speaker 9: (04:36)

Oh, that sounds sick.


Sierra: (04:37)

Our school never got to spend the night, but we went down to the museum and that was like the best day.


Speaker 7: (04:42)

[crosstalk 00:04:42]. That was fun.


Speaker 9: (04:46)

Oh yeah. I did that too.


Speaker 6: (04:46)

Actually, my school, since we lived only like three hours away from Minneapolis, we went to like Mall of America for the sixth grade trip. Spent the night-


Speaker 1: (04:54)

[crosstalk 00:04:54] everyone looks like they’re [crosstalk 00:04:54].


Speaker 8: (04:54)

Oh dang.


Speaker 3: (04:55)

What are you guys learning about at Mall of America?


Speaker 6: (04:58)

We [crosstalk 00:04:58]-


Speaker 8: (04:58)

The economy.


Speaker 6: (05:00)

Actually I broke my foot a couple weeks before that, so I was like scooting around just like by myself. None of my friends or teachers watching me. I’m like-


Speaker 8: (05:09)

That’s so funny.


Speaker 9: (05:13)

My class in… I think it was Alpine. They would select three or four kids from every school and they would send them… You know what IBM is? Like the big company. They would send them over there for a two week summer camp to learn about all these crazy tech stuff. But I wasn’t there for learning. I was there for their Nutter Butters. They would give you Nutter Butters during every single course. They’d give you it at the beginning of the class, the end of the class, and then there’s a big table full of them during lunch. And you’d just play ping pong and eat Nutter Butters. That’s all I remember from it. It was great.


Sierra: (05:49)

Oh my gosh. What was your guys’ favorite snacks growing up? Like, I feel like the snacks nowadays do not hit as different. Do you guys remember those little pouches that you would get at like soccer games with the little cookies, or like the little Cheezits?


Speaker 6: (06:01)

Oh yeah.


Speaker 8: (06:01)

The little Cheezits were the best.


Speaker 4: (06:03)

Oh, the ones with… They’re really tall and they just have like…


Speaker 8: (06:08)



Sierra: (06:08)

Oh yeah. You dump them in your mouth.


Speaker 4: (06:11)

Oh yeah. I remember them.


Speaker 8: (06:12)

Okay. Zebra cake and cosmic brownies wore my jam.


Sierra: (06:15)

Bro, those were like the best. Like on Valentine’s Day, when you would get your like cosmic brownies. Oh.


Speaker 9: (06:19)

That’s what I’d have packed for lunch.


Speaker 3: (06:19)

Cosmic brownies-


Speaker 9: (06:23)

When your mom packs you cosmic brownies with a delicious looking sandwich with some apple sauce, you knew it was a good day.


Speaker 8: (06:29)

I love when you’d get surprised with a little cosmic brownie in there.


Speaker 9: (06:32)

No… You don’t get it every day. It’s like every once in a while you just see it, you open it up and you just see this gold. It’s right there in your lunchbox.


Speaker 6: (06:41)

Like, we weren’t allowed to have like kept food in my family. I don’t know why. My parents were weird, but like when we got stuff like that, it was like, all right, y’all love me. I knew it.


Sierra: (06:50)

Growing up, my dad would only buy junk food when he went on hunting trips. So like October was always the best time, because he would come back with like the little donuts and then like cosmic brownies and like Twinkies, and that’s when our lunch hit different, because our snack game was like, [crosstalk 00:07:06].


Speaker 3: (07:06)

I remember I used to get like the fruit barrels or whatever they are. Those like…


Speaker 9: (07:10)

Oh Fruit [crosstalk 00:07:11] ?


Sierra: (07:10)

Fruit by the Foot?


Speaker 3: (07:11)



Speaker 9: (07:11)

No. Like bugs.


Speaker 3: (07:13)

No. Like a barrel.


Speaker 9: (07:14)

They’re called bugs. Bug Barrels. Oh, my god.


Speaker 3: (07:16)

There was this one Shelf at Hayes I used to go to and they had all of them and I would get one like every time because they [crosstalk 00:07:25]-


Sierra: (07:25)

Okay. Did you guys ever get bug juice?


Speaker 9: (07:27)



Speaker 6: (07:27)

I have some at my house right now.


Sierra: (07:29)

Are you serious?


Speaker 6: (07:30)

I might bring it in.


Sierra: (07:31)

Please do.


Speaker 8: (07:34)

On road trips, my dad would like always get me a bug juice. That was the best.


Sierra: (07:39)

[crosstalk 00:07:39] different. Josh, what was your favorite snack growing up?


Speaker 4: (07:43)



Speaker 3: (07:43)

He lived in California. He didn’t really have a…


Speaker 6: (07:46)

Wheat grass. [inaudible 00:07:48].


Speaker 4: (07:48)

We didn’t exactly have the spending cash to buy, so we had oranges. That was-


Speaker 3: (07:52)

Oh, Cuties sound pretty good though.


Speaker 9: (07:52)

Dude, the Cuties in your lunch hit different too.


Speaker 4: (07:55)

No, we had oranges.


Speaker 9: (07:56)

You have [crosstalk 00:07:57]. No, my bad.


Sierra: (08:02)

Okay. But was it like the pre sliced or did you have to peel it yourself? Like did your mom peel it?


Speaker 4: (08:06)

I just said we didn’t have the money. I had to peel them myself.


Speaker 9: (08:07)

You don’t buy them pre- peeled.


Speaker 8: (08:07)

You don’t buy them pre- peeled.


Speaker 4: (08:10)

I don’t know what bougie crap she’s talking about.


Sierra: (08:11)

No, but remember you show up to the soccer game and get the orange slices at halftime though and they’re like already like precut up and all you had to do was peel off the rind. Bro, something about those oranges hit different though.


Speaker 6: (08:22)

I don’t like the feel of whole oranges.


Speaker 9: (08:24)

You were supposed to peel off the rinds?


Speaker 6: (08:24)

But when they’re cut up, they’re way better.


Sierra: (08:26)

[crosstalk 00:08:26] okay.


Speaker 9: (08:26)

You were supposed to peel off the rinds?


Speaker 3: (08:26)



Sierra: (08:31)

The rind’s the outside, right?


Speaker 9: (08:32)

The outside, right? Like not the white stuff that’s connecting the-


Sierra: (08:34)

No, not the white.


Speaker 9: (08:35)

Okay. I thought you-


Sierra: (08:35)

No, you.


Speaker 9: (08:35)

You did the weird, like I thought you were pulling it out from the inside. I thought I was something wrong. I’m sorry.


Speaker 8: (08:42)

Can we bring some oranges? Everybody [crosstalk 00:08:45]-


Speaker 3: (08:44)

Can we do a line test?


Sierra: (08:46)

Josh, aren’t like California oranges the best though, because they’re grown out there. Isn’t that a thing?


Speaker 4: (08:51)

Well, we have gasoline intertwined with like the oranges, so it kind of tastes like gasoline and smarts.


Speaker 3: (08:55)



Sierra: (08:55)

Oh, nice.


Speaker 9: (08:55)

Mm, tasty.


Speaker 3: (08:55)

Gasoline oranges?


Sierra: (08:55)

[crosstalk 00:08:55] spice to it.


Speaker 3: (08:55)

Like, grow them with gas?


Speaker 4: (09:05)

Well, no, there’s so much in the air that gas is naturally in them.


Speaker 3: (09:07)



Speaker 7: (09:07)

I would say [crosstalk 00:09:08] at Walmart, they has these Disney… Like it was in the shape of a mouse, like the Disney logo. It would always have in the shape of the Disney logo, but it be have like cheese and they’d have some sort of fruit. It was different each time.


Speaker 8: (09:25)

Like the Mickey Mouse themed Lunchables?


Speaker 7: (09:27)



Speaker 8: (09:27)

Yes. Those were so good.


Speaker 6: (09:35)

Oh, I never got one.


Speaker 3: (09:36)

[crosstalk 00:09:36]-


Speaker 9: (09:36)

Scooby- Doo fruit snacks.


Sierra: (09:36)

I was just going to say.


Speaker 9: (09:36)

[crosstalk 00:09:36]-


Speaker 3: (09:36)



Speaker 8: (09:36)

Did you ever like the Scooby snacks though? Like in the bag.


Speaker 9: (09:40)

[crosstalk 00:09:40]. Yeah.


Sierra: (09:40)

Yeah. Those sit different.


Speaker 3: (09:41)

Kids pretending to eat dog food.


Sierra: (09:45)

It really built us into the people we are today though.


Speaker 8: (09:47)

Did y’all ever eat dog food?


Speaker 3: (09:49)



Speaker 9: (09:49)



Sierra: (09:49)

Actually once yeah.


Speaker 9: (09:52)

I was curious and then ever since, I made my dog an egg, every single morning. I feel so bad for her.


Speaker 8: (09:58)

I tasted like bacon treats and it slapped. Like, it was good.


Speaker 9: (10:01)



Speaker 8: (10:04)

Not even… It was good. Like if I would always see my dog eat one and I’d be like, “I’m jealous right now.”


Speaker 3: (10:09)

One time my friend fed me one and she didn’t tell me it was a dog snack. So I just ate it and I was like, “This tastes weird.”


Sierra: (10:17)

What kind of friends did you have?


Speaker 6: (10:20)

We have [crosstalk 00:10:20].


Sierra: (10:21)

Okay. Do y’all remember like field day though? When like the best day of the year? Like you just got to play games. What was your favorite event, Alex?


Speaker 9: (10:30)

Oh, I don’t know. Like the baseball stops at the end. There was always like water… I don’t know how to explain the-


Sierra: (10:41)

Like the water guns?


Speaker 9: (10:41)

The soakers, and then you just spray them at each other. You were able to just go at it for like 10 minutes. That was my favorite, because everybody would get so angry at me because I wouldn’t stop. “Alex we’re done.” I’m like, “No.” [crosstalk 00:10:54].


Speaker 8: (10:54)

This one time, there’s tires to the jumping thing, you know? And there was a really big one and the teachers weren’t paying attention and I got in one with all my friends. Well, they pushed me and we went down this huge hill, and still to this day… And then we just kept doing it and taking turns and none of the teachers ever called us. How, I have no clue. But that was the fun field day for me.


Speaker 3: (11:18)

I used to do something like that where I would ride this cover for my Lincoln Logs that I had. They were in this little trolley that you could pull around and I used to ride that thing down the stairs.


Sierra: (11:30)

That’s iconic.


Speaker 3: (11:31)

And I used to run down the hallway with this little [crosstalk 00:11:33]-


Speaker 9: (11:33)

Laundry baskets, down stairs.


Speaker 6: (11:35)



Speaker 9: (11:35)

How many of you guys did that?


Sierra: (11:35)

Bro, that was the best.


Speaker 3: (11:37)

I used to run and jump down my stairs.


Sierra: (11:41)

Oh yeah.


Speaker 3: (11:41)

If I did that now I would break my leg.


Speaker 6: (11:42)

Do you guys ever, when you’re running down the stairs, run so quick that you just skip like a bunch of stairs and-


Sierra: (11:48)

Kind of like fly for a bit?


Speaker 6: (11:49)

You jump a bit.


Speaker 9: (11:51)

Oh no.


Speaker 8: (11:51)

Or like when’s nighttime and you think there’s one more stair and you just like…


Sierra: (11:55)

And you just like tumble off.


Speaker 7: (11:58)

Yeah. I enjoyed like that fish game during field day where you have to go fish for those fish with that…


Speaker 6: (12:02)

Oh, where you throw it over the sheet and the teacher would-


Speaker 3: (12:07)

Oh the magnets.


Sierra: (12:09)

We always did that during the Halloween carnival and always in the gym, it was this big blue sheet thing. And I remember one year my mom volunteered and she told us when to come so that my friends and I got the best toys, because you would feel her attached on and you’d pull it back over and get all the cool stuff.


Speaker 3: (12:29)

Wow. You cheated?


Sierra: (12:32)

Yeah, I did.


Speaker 3: (12:32)

It’s not fair. That’s fraud.


Speaker 4: (12:35)

I don’t know what field days are, because I don’t think we had them, but I just remember playgrounds… And actually funny thing is our playgrounds in California looked like prison yards. We had-


Speaker 3: (12:47)

I feel like all of California looked like that.


Speaker 4: (12:51)

We had a basketball court. We had a metal slide that no one could ever use.


Sierra: (12:54)

Oh. because it was too hot.


Speaker 4: (12:55)

Yeah. And the funniest thing about the playground was the fact that you could bounce on the concrete because it was melted.


Speaker 3: (13:01)



Speaker 4: (13:03)

Yeah. It was like spongey and bouncy, so you couldn’t get hurt.


Speaker 9: (13:06)

Did you guys have like serious knockout games? I feel like my school in Longmont, we would get at like 20 people in our knockout games. And it would just go the entire day. Like if you won that, you were like the king of the day. It was the best.


Sierra: (13:21)

See, ours was like tag. Tag was like the never ending game, but we got it banned all the time, because we weren’t allowed to run on the playground equipment, but we all played up there. And I remember we would get it banned for two weeks and then we’d like start an underground tag game and we would-


Speaker 8: (13:37)

Kind of like-


Sierra: (13:38)

Speed walk real quick and then the teachers would pop out of nowhere and we would all disperse from each other. And then they would turn their backs all back together just back in it.


Speaker 3: (13:46)

I remember playing tag once in fourth grade. Max ran into me and I have a scar because he bit me. He bit my eyebrow and I had to go to urgent care.


Speaker 9: (13:56)

[crosstalk 00:13:56].


Speaker 3: (13:56)

I don’t know. Somewhere around my eye though.


Sierra: (14:01)

Did you guys ever play Red Rover growing up?


Speaker 8: (14:04)

Uh- huh (affirmative).


Sierra: (14:05)

Dude, that was the best. We also got that banned though, because too many kids got hurt.


Speaker 8: (14:09)

Did y’all-


Sierra: (14:09)

Especially toilet tag was the best.


Speaker 6: (14:13)

[crosstalk 00:14:13]-


Speaker 7: (14:13)

Toilet tag?


Speaker 9: (14:13)

What is that?


Speaker 8: (14:15)

So it’s like freeze tag, but when you get tagged, you have to sit and squat with [crosstalk 00:14:18] arm up-


Sierra: (14:18)

Sit on you, yeah.


Speaker 8: (14:19)

And someone has to… No, we just had one where someone had to flush you.


Speaker 9: (14:22)

Sit on you.


Sierra: (14:24)

[crosstalk 00:14:24] wack.


Speaker 7: (14:29)

I remember tetherball was probably my favorite game.


Speaker 6: (14:30)

That was fun.


Sierra: (14:31)

Tetherball was [crosstalk 00:14:31]-


Speaker 9: (14:31)

I almost broke my finger playing tetherball.


Speaker 7: (14:31)

But I was always too short [crosstalk 00:14:35] play.


Speaker 6: (14:35)

I always broke my face. I actually knocked out one of my piercings because I got hit so hard.


Sierra: (14:41)

Oh my god.


Speaker 6: (14:41)

I don’t know how it like… What? I don’t know. Yeah.


Speaker 4: (14:44)

I feel different and quirky, because in California, we had the poles for each tetherball, but they never put the ropes on.


Speaker 3: (14:52)

You guys didn’t have anything.


Speaker 4: (14:52)

We literally had nothing. The only thing we could do was soccer and they banned that, because-


Speaker 3: (14:54)

“Yeah. I can’t relate. We didn’t have that in California.”


Sierra: (14:59)

“Well, actually when I was in California… “


Speaker 8: (15:02)

“We played on the concrete.”


Sierra: (15:04)

What did you guys do during lunch? Like workouts and just [crosstalk 00:15:06]-


Speaker 4: (15:06)

We played soccer.


Sierra: (15:06)

[crosstalk 00:15:06]-


Speaker 9: (15:06)

Start benching.


Speaker 3: (15:06)

Can’t have kites.


Speaker 9: (15:06)

I can see it. Just like chain link fences all around the playground.


Sierra: (15:18)

Like barbed wire [crosstalk 00:15:20]-


Speaker 4: (15:20)

Yeah. We had chain link fences all around-


Speaker 3: (15:23)

So did ours-


Speaker 9: (15:24)

Well, yeah I had chain link fences on mine, but that was like-


Speaker 8: (15:27)

We didn’t. There was a forest and kids would get lost a bunch.


Sierra: (15:32)

Did you guys ever have like the kids who would hop the fences and escape, and all of the teachers would come running out of nowhere?


Speaker 7: (15:37)



Speaker 9: (15:37)



Sierra: (15:38)

We would have kids be like, “Oh we’re breaking out today,” and like all of us would line the fence so the teacher couldn’t see, and we would have kids hop the fence.


Speaker 9: (15:46)

Was is a kid outside of elementary school going to go and do?


Speaker 7: (15:49)

[crosstalk 00:15:49]- I know.


Sierra: (15:53)

Nowhere. It was like suburban [inaudible 00:15:53]. We went-


Speaker 4: (15:53)

Yeah, they’d never do that at California. It’s amazing.


Speaker 3: (15:57)

Barbed wire, with the razor wire.


Speaker 4: (15:57)

No, they’d get kidnapped.


Speaker 8: (15:58)

[crosstalk 00:15:58] walk every day. And me and all my friends, one day, we’re like, “There is a little hole in the bottom,” because we had tall fences. There was a little hole and we were like, “We could fit through that,” and then like the entire recess, we were like digging.


Sierra: (16:10)

Did you guys ever just dig random holes in the sandbox though? Just like big holes.


Speaker 6: (16:14)

Oh, yeah. Winters were so bad and they made us go outside. Like, made us go outside.


Speaker 3: (16:20)

So you guys had to do it for survival?


Speaker 6: (16:21)

Because, we were like… Where the boys played football, we’d like build up like a little tunnel and just dig in it and just like stay there the whole recess.


Sierra: (16:32)

[inaudible 00:16:32] That’s so funny.


Speaker 7: (16:36)

I remember playing Sharks and Minnows.


Speaker 9: (16:39)

Oh that was good.


Speaker 7: (16:39)

That was my favorite game.


Speaker 6: (16:40)

Dude. You remember the parachute thing?


Speaker 8: (16:43)

Dude, do you remember this shark game where you had to lay down [crosstalk 00:16:46]. Dude. Fear. That day was so scary.


Speaker 9: (16:52)

I was a really big kid, even in elementary school, so kids weren’t able to pull me. So I was always the last one and I would feel like four or five hands just yanking me up there. Like it’s not one person. It’s multiple [inaudible 00:17:06]-


Sierra: (17:06)

He was a shark?


Speaker 6: (17:07)

You’re like pulling the teacher?


Speaker 9: (17:13)

No, they didn’t let you start as a person under there, because they were afraid I was going to hurt someone. They had to wait for more people to build up to get me under there.


Speaker 3: (17:20)

Best [crosstalk 00:17:20]-


Sierra: (17:23)

  1. The best day though was the mile and the pacer and the jogathon, because I was always the fastest girl in my class? And so my favorite day was asserting my dominance on the other girls and being the fastest girl.


Speaker 3: (17:37)

I feel like you’re the only person who likes the mile.


Speaker 6: (17:42)

I hated it. [crosstalk 00:17:42]-


Sierra: (17:42)

Oh, for sure. Everyone else hate it. But I was like, “Now’s my time to shine.”


Speaker 4: (17:48)

It’s funny because out in Cali, we had the 100 mile club and…


Speaker 3: (17:49)

Did you guys not learn how to walk? Is that [crosstalk 00:17:51]-


Speaker 4: (17:51)

Oh, we only knew how to run, because we’re running from dogs and stuff.


Sierra: (17:57)

[crosstalk 00:17:57] like state track runners every single year, because y’all are fast. Y’all keep-


Speaker 7: (18:01)

Well, no they can’t. It’s fierce competition.


Sierra: (18:01)

It’s just like, no one’s chasing him and I don’t care. That’s so funny.


Speaker 4: (18:01)

Yeah, we had to run. It was scary out there. I didn’t have a good childhood, now that I’m [crosstalk 00:18:15]-


Speaker 3: (18:14)

Away from dogs?


Speaker 8: (18:17)

No. Okay. Actually though we had this alley and there was dogs that were loosely tied up and they were all pit bulls and stuff and definitely used for some sketchy probably. And our game was to ride-


Speaker 3: (18:27)

Dog fighting.


Speaker 8: (18:29)

Our bikes through the neighborhood to see if we would get caught or not by dogs. No one ever did. It was fine. We were fine.


Speaker 9: (18:36)



Speaker 6: (18:36)

No one ever did, but like, let’s see who can get attacked today.


Speaker 3: (18:39)

Let’s see who gets rabies.


Speaker 9: (18:42)

[crosstalk 00:18:42]- game I had were like who could go down to the Baskin- Robbins the fastest. That’s what my games were.


Sierra: (18:46)

Wait, the Baskin- Robbins on Hover? That one? Oh, that hits different.


Speaker 9: (18:51)

Oh we would also-


Speaker 5: (18:53)

[crosstalk 00:18:53]-


Speaker 9: (18:53)

There was a little BMX track and then there was like woods behind there, and we would see who could go the furthest, and we would just walk for hours. It was probably the most fun. We’d also explore the… It’s like the rain collectors. We’d go under and we just walk in these tunnels and there’s like graffiti everywhere. It’s actually really cool if you haven’t thought it before. Also-


Speaker 3: (19:16)

By Ivy, I think they had a sewer pipe, and I would sit at the front of it and people would walk down it and then they’d go… They’d walk like a few feet down it and they’d be like, “Oh this is so cool.” And then immediately turn back and like run.


Speaker 4: (19:29)

At my school, there was graffiti on the wall.


Sierra: (19:40)

We had [crosstalk 00:19:40]-


Speaker 9: (19:40)

[crosstalk 00:19:40].


Speaker 4: (19:40)

There was graffiti all over the place.


Speaker 3: (19:40)

You know, I’ve heard the same thing from [Fox 00:19:40] who lived in California too.


Speaker 9: (19:41)

Yeah. Wasn’t he in Northern?


Speaker 3: (19:44)

I don’t know.


Speaker 8: (19:45)



Sierra: (19:47)

Californians. All right.


Speaker 4: (19:49)

We’re tough.


Sierra: (19:50)

Good talk, everybody.


Speaker 1: (19:52)

All right. Any final comments on the expiration of your childhood?


Speaker 4: (19:56)

I had a messed up childhood.


Speaker 3: (19:57)

Yeah, seems that way.


Speaker 4: (19:58)

We can’t have anything in California. That’s just California.


Speaker 3: (20:00)

Nothing good.


Speaker 4: (20:02)

Nothing good comes from Cali.