Creative Writing Class — What Do They Do?

Hayden Rose, Editor

You might have a pretty rigid view of what English classes look like here at BHS, but creative writing is a class that blurs the line between pure learning and creativity. This is a class geared towards helping students better understand their writing abilities and helps them put their skills into a creative context, as the name suggests.

Students of creative writing reading their stories.

One of the main events of this class relates to the writing of children’s stories to be shared with one another, with the intention of allowing the other students to guess the age group it was written for and the message behind the writing. This allows the students to get feedback on the effectiveness of their creativity and their integration of the message into their writing. This event took place last Wednesday, February 16. The teacher of this class, Mrs. Lanter, had her students build a blanket fort using the desks and a few sheets she has for this purpose. She also brought in snacks and drinks for the students in order to put them into an environment fit for reading children’s stories to the class.


The cover of “Hannah’s Story,” a children’s book by Ashley Sutton.

The stories written by these students were all unique in their storytelling; some rhymed, some had animal characters written in, and all had a different, basic moral to share, such as, “be respectful,” or “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The stories themselves were crafted into small booklets, complete with a cover and drawings on each page, allowing them to have even more creative freedom with their work.

This event alone is a pretty good basis on what the class is all about. It’s treated as a fun way to just write things that inspire you, or write about things that you enjoy, while fitting them into the format of the assignments. It’s a pretty good way to express yourself, and can even be a fun, enjoyable class to take next year.