BHS Concert Band Takes Latest Contest By Storm


Sierra Pirkey, Staff Writer

Our very own Berthoud High School concert band took their latest competition by storm and received an outstanding score. Every year the concert band travels to a local high school and competes in a competition where they receive a score based on the skills they express in their music. Each band is rated on their technique, tone, ensemble sound, and demonstration of the meaning of the song through style and delivery. This year the concert band travel to Fort Colling High School to compete in the contest. While there, the three judges critiqued them on each of their skills and finished by receiving an “ Excellent” rating on their performance. Since the contest is a clinique as well as a festival, no winners are titled. This means that the “Excellent” rating that they received was a top-level award.  The concert band was also given a once-in-a-lifetime clinic with a well-known conductor, Mark Dorn, who is the band professor at Colorado Christian University. The 30-minute clinic was a great success for the concert band, and they received a great review from Mark Dorn. All in all, the BHS concert band had a great performance at the Colorado Bandmasters Association Festive and we are so proud of all their success!