Drive Your Tractor to School Day

Why Berthoud values this exciting tradition


Junior Toby Fraley stands in front of a John Deere that he drove to BHS for FFA’s “Drive Your Tractor To School” Day.

Mary Beth Morgan

Once a year, in February, schools all around the nation celebrate national FFA week. This week includes various events, but one of the most famous ones is the aptly named, “drive your tractor to school day.” Drive your tractor to school day was supposed to happen on February 23, 2022 during our FFA week, but was unfortunately moved back to March 2, 2022 due to cold weather. It is a very exciting day for everyone in Berthoud as we embrace our agricultural background. Our agriculture teacher Mrs. Lum says, “It allows students to show off their traditional ag roots.” Berthoud is one of the only schools that participates in drive your tractor to school day, and this definitely adds to the uniqueness of Berthoud High School compared to the others in the area. Students Garret Hershman, Mason Hershman, Toby Fraley, Garret Purman, Hudsen Grimditch, and more, all drove their tractors to school this morning. Mason Hershman says that he drove his tractor to school just because he had one and thought the idea of using it to get to school was just too good to pass up. He has now been in FFA for two years and has enjoyed his experience so far. Thank you to all the students that participated in this locally cherished tradition. We hope to see an even better show up next year!