Men’s Bathroom Faucets Don’t Work!


Josh Rodriquez, Feature editor

The men’s bathroom faucets need to be fixed. For too long have I needed to wash my hands to only be greeted by burning hot water. On the first day of school this year, I would go into the school bathroom and turn the faucet on cold water and nothing would come out, literally, nothing came out of the faucet. But lucky for me when I turned the how faucet on it worked! I walked out of the bathroom with two burnt hands. Now if there was only one bathroom that had broken faucets I wouldn’t have as much of a problem but when I go into almost every single bathroom around the school and I have to come out with burnt hands then I get a problem. All om doing is trying to get the attention of the Berthoud High staff to please have someone come out and fix this for us. Please.