The Ups and Downs of Friendship

The Ups and Downs of Friendship

Kevin Bates, Writer

Friendship is key to many people’s lives.  Friendship is much more than just the word, A friendship can make someone happy and someone miserable but overall it just makes you, you. 

Marrisa Moore a Sophomore at Berthoud Highschool says”If it wasn’t for my friends I wouldn’t be the person i am today.  “ Moore says that she wouldn’t be who she is today without her friends. This is important to other people because it shows them to explore even if you might be scared to meet someone new you still should and it can impact your life and get you to a good place in your life. 

Another way friends can impact your life is just by being there for you when you may be going through a rough time or even just being stressed or extremely emotional. Your  close friends are there for you and get you through that tough time so that way you have a good positive attitude and not be so sad.

  Something else that I have learned with many of my own friendship is that there not always going to be perfect and that’s ok, A friendship can be tough and it can be not always fun but if you stick together thats what can get you to a good spot where you can trust one another and feel like there is no one you could open up to more. 

Next, Friendship can be hard because it may not be easy finding a friend but that’s ok because there is someone who can be there for you, no matter how stubborn you may be someone will want you for you and if they don’t then maybe they’re not for you. 

     Although some friends can be nice to you at first, sometimes they can change and that is ok but you have to be able to decide whether you like them or not. Friends make you feel like you belong not like you’re an outsider so when you feel like you belong you know that you have a good friend. Concluding: 

                                 There are many parts of friendship and there can be fun times of a friendship and bad times but you have to decide whether that person is a good friend to you.