Penny Wars: A War Amongst the Grades


Sierra Pirkey, Staff Writer

There has always been some competition between grades, especially leading up to pep assemblies. This year, however, the competition comes in the form of Penny Wars. Penny Wars is a Berthoud tradition that is traditionally done around the holidays. The proceeds from the fundraiser are typically donated to a local cause that helps to buy children-in-need Christmas gifts. NHS decided to put on Penny Wars this spring and plans to donate the proceeds to The House of Neighborly Services. For those unfamiliar with Penny Wars: all pennies donated are positive points and all other coins and dollars are negative. The goal is to put pennies in the grade level in which you are in and to sabotage the other grade levels with other coins and dollars. Penny Wars will be put on for 2 weeks, beginning April 4th and ending April 20th. For this year, the teams will be split into grade levels. Each grade will have a “head” of the grade. These teachers are tasked with representing the specific grade level. The grade level with the most positive points or least negative points wins, while the three losing teams will be pied at the pep assembly on April 22nd. The year Mr. Fabiano is the head of the senior class, Mrs. Lum is the head of the junior class, Mrs. Morel is the head of the sophomore class, and Mrs. Lanter is the head of the freshman class. The other teachers participating are split into grade levels. Mrs. Warton and Mrs. Quick will also represent the freshman class. Mrs. Domenico and Mrs. Ruddy will represent the sophomore class. Mrs. March and Ms. Crumrine will represent the junior class. Ms. White and Mr. Lobdell will represent the senior class. Each Tuesday and Thursday the scores will be updated and posted on the chalkboard by the music classrooms, in hopes that all students can see the scores of the opposing grades and increase the level of competition.  NHS hopes to raise around $300 to donate to The House of Neighborly Services. NHS hopes that everyone gets involved in Penny Wars, and is able to have a fun competition amongst the school while supporting a great cause.