The New Chromebook Cases Cause an Upset Amongst Students


Sierra Pirkey, Staff Writer

The halls that are often filled with the newest and most advanced technology have now been filled with ugly and bulky computers that are forcefully lugged around by the students. Most students have the newest phones with personalized cases. Now, all students are required to have bulky cases to cover their already-hideous Chromebooks. Many students have already voiced their complaints following the installation of the cases that occurred on Tuesday, April 13th. Sophomore Marissa Moore is not shy to voice her personal complaints regarding the new cases. She states “ The new cases are just plain useless and too bulky. They make an awful noise when the Chromebooks are moved across the desk, and sometimes cause the screen to fall back in the middle of working on assignments. It’s super annoying and I hate having to use our Chromebooks now.” Freshman Bowen Kasperbauer also voiced his opinion when asked about his thoughts regarding the new cases. He states “They are super useless, are much  too big for the Chromebooks, make the screen fall down, and make weird noises when sliding across the desk.” Kasperbauer also recommended a drop test for the cases, to see if they are actually protective. It is clear that many students are fully against these new cases, but are the complaints enough? Teachers have heard countless objections regarding the new cases, yet there is not much that can be done. Students can only hope that the complaints will be heard by the district and change will occur.