Prom – Behind the Scenes


Hayden Rose

The courtyard at Brookside Gardens all set up for the dance.

Hayden Rose, Editor

On Saturday, April 2, the prom committee of BHS hosted Prom, the largest annual school dance. It was hosted at Brookside Gardens in Berthoud, and the night itself was smashing; music pumped throughout the building and could even be heard in the courtyard, people were dancing, having fun, and just being themselves. The dance itself was overall a success, and enjoyable for most everyone that participated, but something commonly overlooked about prom is the setup that went into it.

After having spoken to some members of the prom committee I learned that most members really enjoyed it. Vivian Schiraldi, a junior here at BHS, described prom committee by saying, “prom committee was a great way to get involved with the school while also doing something nice for our seniors. We were all able to work together as a team. Aside from the volunteer hours, it was fun to get crafty and hang out together while setting up the party.”

The committee, of course, had to make all of the arrangements and gather the decorations and concessions themselves, which was a process that took a few months, according to Vivian. “We would meet during lunch to discuss fun ideas so the seniors could go out with a bang. We only went to Brookside twice before prom; the first time we reserved the building and got the lay of the land, and the second was on the day of to set it up. We all got there earlier in the morning to decorate and assemble the various props we got.”

As I was there for the latter half of the setup process, I was able to help out and experience the setup process for myself. The building was rather empty at first, save for a handful of cardboard decorations and figurines that had already been assembled. Putting together the decorations was a tedious task; there was a lot of hot glue, cutting, and folding involved for every little piece, but it was worth it in the end. Most people left around 2 p.m. to get ready for the dance, but the Brookside and BHS staff leading prom committee stayed to add the finishing touches and set up lighting.

After the dance had ended, the prom committee was also in charge of taking down their decorations, another process I was there to experience. Most of the cardboard decorations, aside from the figurines, were quickly torn apart and thrown into a recycling dumpster on Brookside’s property. The Brookside staff helped take down the lighting and returned the tables to their normal positions in the room.

If it weren’t for prom committee, the students at BHS might not have had as pleasant an experience, and it’s safe to say that prom committee’s level of care for the dance is a must-have when it comes to an event as important as prom; it’s significant to many people, and is a once or twice in a lifetime experience, so it should be perfect. The BHS prom committee was able to easily make this standard a reality this year.