My Trip to Disney

Alex Perricelli, Feature Editor

Not everybody has been to Disneyland, but everybody has at least heard of the super themed amusement park disneyland. An amusement park that used to be aimed towards kids but as of recently there are more adults that go than kids. I am eighteen year old now and I still love the park and my experiences of the park have been even better than when I was a kid. My experience of the park was so great that I would like to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. .

The good of Disneyland starts with the performances put on by the actors at the park. While in lines or even just walking around the park the crew members are always doing their best to bring a smile to your face while you go through your day. When i was in line for the new spiderman ride i actually saw spider man he peeked his head around the corner and put a finger over his mouth to signal to stay quiet. After he ducked back behind the wall I heard a loud Bang of spiderman running into a wall. I was laughing in a line of silence because I was the only person in the line who saw him. That is just a beautiful part of Disneyland magic.

Another great moment I had was at Ollivanders wand shop when I was chosen to be a wand fitter. Basically I was chosen to display my magic to all the other eighteen people in the room. I was told to cast spell with different wands and i slowly started breaking the room, my first wand i flung paper all around the room when i was told to shrink a ladder, the second wand i was told to ring a bell with just the flick of my wand and i set all the bells off in the shop, making the instructor silence them all with SILENCIO, and my final wand fit in my hand perfectly it was made of rosewood, with a dragons heartstring and a huge skull at the base of the wand. With this wand it chose me, the wind rushed around me and beautiful music started playing. The wand was a perfect fit, it was a wand of healing and protection and it just fit so perfectly. The act put on by the crew members and myself had everyone in the room laughing and not a single face didn’t have a smile on it. It just goes to show how good of a performance these disney employees do and what magic they big in their acts and their rides.

The big reason why people go to Disneyland is because of the rides that they provide. A ride i remember very vividly is the guardians of the galaxy ride or known as tower of terror. The ride has guardians of the galaxy touch to it showing the guardians being locked up by the collector tivan, the goal of the ride is to save the guardians by going with the rocket’s plan. You hop on the elevator and after that it’s just ups and downs, the music was perfect and the designers of the ride got everything perfect teh theme and the mood of the whole ride matches, it’s just a great ride and you see all of the characters doing their goofy things in short bursts. Overall the ride is just beautifully crafted and it really gives you a great look into the movie if you haven’t watched it.

Another ride I thought was super beautifully crafted was the haunted mansion ride. They set up the eerie and creepy vibe perfectly with the narrator guiding you through the haunted mansion. Even when you first step foot into the building the ride has started because cast members are setting up the act and get you into the mood of a slow and creepy ride. This ride has seamless transitions from room to room so it’s definitely a ride that is worth the long wait time. With all good things there has to be an end where the bad starts.

Some of the things I would look out for at the parks are huge lines of people and there is no personal space in lines. You feel very cramped in line and it gets very hot with the seventy degree weather on you as well. Lines are definitely uncomfortable but you can meet some great people while in line if you are a social person and if not you can just stand in silence and nobody will judge you. Another thing that you should watch out for at disneyland is make sure you get reservations to all the food places you want to go to, the wait list can be multiple hours long always make reservations to all disney attractions just so you can have a better experience and so you can get actual food instead of just eating their delicious churros. Those are the only two big things to look out for while going to the parks but now behind the bad there is always the ugly.

The ugliest thing about disney resorts is how they will always try to milk you out of every penny, everything is super expensive and a simple meal can cost you up to a hundred dollars. Make sure you go to disney on a budget and make sure you only get the things you truly want or they are going to eat you out of every penny, another thing you can spend extra money on is fast passes so you can hop on the rides faster than just the normal rides, you can buy these tickets but they only work once and you have to be there at the ride at a very specific time frame or you will lose out on you extra ten dollar ticket. The last thing you can spend extra money on is the passes, you can get park hopper so you can go to both parks without spending extra money transferring between the two or having to keep track of two tickets, you can also upgrade your pass so you can do fast pass at any ride whenever you want, that is the most expensive thing at the park it will cost you a couple hundred bucks per person and it only lasts for the amount of days you are going on the trip for. The last big money grabber from disney is their annual passes that give you discounts on every purchase including food, and pass costs. It’s a year long pass and you must renew it at the beginning of every year, so if you have the money to be out there a few times a year it’s a great purchase but if you go once a year it is not. That is the ugly of disney there isn’t very many bad things to say about this wonderful park they treat employees very well and help out the community with surplus of jobs.

My personal experience of disney was genuinely amazing, I am just a big man child when it comes to disney and pixar films so all of the rides and themes sit really close to my childhood so i have a deep connection with the parks. All of the staff were amazing. They all had great performances on rides and just around the park. The food in California is great. In the parks they hire chefs to prepare their sit down meals so everything tasted wonderful. Overall it was a great experience and I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience the magic of disney.