Teachers Past Careers

Would you want to be a teacher?

Kevin Bates, Writer

Teachers are led or brought to become a teacher, in many different ways but what were teachers’ past careers? Many teachers at Berthoud High School start in many different places and all teach very different subjects.Some teachers knew they wanted to become a teacher right out of high school and others didn’t.
Mrs Vigil, a Math teacher here at Berthoud High School said “ I did field geology and enjoyed the fact that I got to be outside all day. I Also had fun using science and math and helping society. Something that wasn’t so fun for me was that I was the only female. Something else that I didn’t like is when I moved to Colorado it was very dusty with a lot more allergies so being outside wasn’t as fun for me. We also did not have any Unions here in Colorado. Another career I have has in the past is computer analyst something I really enjoyed was helping people figure out what’s wrong with there system.The reason why I left was because i started volunteering at the young women prison and teaching them how knit and crochet and I seemed to enjoyed that more than sitting at a desk ,so helping people is what led me to becoming a teacher. “ Mrs Vigil is a teacher at Berthoud High School. Mrs Vigil has worked at many places which many of them are unique but the one that is the most unique is the one that led her to her teaching career, Mrs Vigil says that she worked at a young women prison teaching them how to Knit and Crochet which can be extremely important skills when being and adult, which led her to teaching children Math at Berthoud High School.
Mrs.Dominco, a Science Teacher at Berthoud High School said“”My favorite past career was being a research associate. One thing I enjoyed was being in a lab where I worked on ways to treat hepatitis C. One reason I left more so was because of the security I never felt like my job was stable because the company could be bought out at any moment. I also worked with a lot of sun and intelligent scientists. Another career that was fun to me was being an animal control officer for the humane society in Larimer county. I favored that job because I was always learning about human and animal interactions, not just pets. Something that I didn’t like was dealing with people who don’t like dealing with rules and following laws, when It came to leashes people not walking dogs on leashes. “ Mrs.Dominco, a Science teacher at Berthoud High School. Mrs.Dominico has worked on a way to treat Hepatitis C which is a very important career because it is finding a treatment to a disease, Mrs.Dominco was led to being a science teacher which can be very helpful to finding cures and treatments. Mrs.Dominco was also an Animal Control Officer for Lamier county which she says she enjoyed learning about the connection between animals and humans and how they may interact depending on whether or not it is a domestic animal or a tamed pet. Although Mrs.Dominco has had a lot of past careers
They can all have something to do with science, and learning about science .
Mr.Voth an English teacher at Berthoud High School “ One career I enjoyed was being a landscaper. What brought me to the job was because it was a spring summer and fall job. Something I enjoyed about it was it taught me how to put in my own sprinklers and my own lawn. What made me leave was because I worked just about all day. I would wake up at about 5 and didn’t get home until late in the day so it was a long day.” Mr.Voth is an English teacher at Berthoud HighSchool. Mr.Voth says he has mainly done teaching his whole life but one Career that he did before teaching is being someone who installed lawns and sprinklers during the spring, summer and fall. Mr.Voth says that this career was important because he learned how to install a lawn and sprinkler himself so he didn’t have to pay anyone.
Every Career is different and every teacher has started somewhere completely different from one another but either way they were all taught different things. Each Teacher has had different careers before being a teacher whether they have something to do with being a Science,Math or English teacher they all led them to being a teacher one way or another.