Berthoud FFA Competes in State CDEs

Mary Morgan, Staff Writer

This past weekend FFA had students compete in 4 different Career Development Events (CDEs). Berthoud had representatives compete in Agronomy, Livestock Evaluation, Meats Evaluation, and Veterinary Science. In the agronomy competition, Henry Bridgeman (Senior) won silver, but the team did not place because they didn’t have enough team members. In the livestock evaluation, Sydney and Allison Hocker (Seniors) both got bronze and their team as a whole placed bronze. Meat evaluation unfortunately did not place but they put in a lot of effort, but the competition was very fierce. The vet science team placed bronze and Anndee Davidson (senior) placed silver. Mary Beth Morgan (senior) and Natalie Cartwright (Freshman) both placed bronze. We are so proud of everyone who competed at State CDE competitions. Congrats to everyone who was able to make it to state.