Senior Prank

What Will They Do This Year??


Sidney Gerner, Editor-in-Chief

Every year the seniors prank the school during their final week. Last year, the 2021 seniors drew all over the window, filled the stairs with balloons, and forked the front lawn. Senior pranks have been going on for decades. They do this to leave their mark on the school, and to have a good laugh at the end of their final days in high school. Some of the pranks at Berthoud High School have left a mark on the school, but others have been forgotten.

The seniors decided on many things to do in the school. Past year, students put hay bales in front of all the entrances using tractors, stacked all the classroom desks and chairs on the stairs, wrapped the toilet seat saran wrap, put goldfish in the toilets, turned the desks upside down in the classrooms, and emptied all the student’s lockers. Ms. Dee says many of the pranks in past years were better than this year because of all the rules we have to follow now.

Officer Mosley’s senior’s prank was saran wrapping principles office, putting a “beach” in the front of the school, and carrying the principles car on the football field. The first year he was here, the student toilet papers all of the tree.  The student, not in his grade, stole the principles rock, busted it up, and gave it to him on graduation. Some boys turned animals loose in the school from the Ag classroom. If Officer Mosley would go back to school he would have wanted the take everything out of the principal office and put it in the front yard.

Hopefully, this year’s seniors will have a better prank than the last.



The senior really trashed the school. Streamers and toilet paper are all over the banisters, cups are thrown in the bathrooms, and wall art is everywhere. The seniors had a lot of fun doing their pranks. Many of the teachers didn’t like the beans in the cups because they were falling on them. Hopefully, next year seniors will take that into consideration.  Who knows what the juniors have in plan for next year.