What is a “Magnum Opus?”


Mr. Fabiano, Advisor

Each of the members of the Journalism 2 Staff has written a “Magnum Opus,” a final paper of at least 1,250 words in length. This paper is meant to be a passion project, a piece of writing about something that is near and dear to the writer. While most Maroon Tribune stories are short, this one is a deep dive, so take it with you to the beach, the bathroom, or wherever you do your reading and ruminating.


The name of this paper comes from Senior A.J. Hargett, who coined the term to describe a story about China that he had been thinking about for awhile. He meant “Magnum Opus” to signify his crowning achievement as a writer for Journalism class.


My familiarity with the term comes from a song by the 70’s rock band Kansas, who performed the song on their “Leftoverture” album. Since I have taken a lot of heat from the staff for being a longtime resident of the state of Kansas, I feel that “Magnum Opus” is only fitting as the parting words from this year’s Journalism staff.


Keeping The Maroon Tribune going with nine staff members has not been easy. I am proud of the work they have done this year. I feel their work stands up against many other publications with many more staff members and resources. I hope that the members of this group will continue to value writing, photography, podcasting, and media long after they graduate, and take the lessons of how to be curious and listen to others with them through all their days.