The Power of Crystals


Mary Morgan, Staff Writer

People have many opinions about crystals. Some believe that they are simply pretty combinations of minerals or rocks, while others believe they possess powers that can add to your life and bring you fortune, love, peace, and overall well being. This is where some controversy starts. People will always feel the need to put others down if they believe in things that they don’t. Nevertheless people continue to invest in these precious rocks. There are so many that can benefit you in so many ways. There are crystals that can bring you help financially, open you up to new romantics, bring you clarity and a sense of groundedness, and some can even help with medical issues. Even if you have your doubts about crystals I suggest starting with a simple crystal and just see how you feel while having these crystals.
A good crystal to start with is selenite. Selenite is made up of calcium sulfate dihydrate and is a pearly white color and has a clay like substance. It is considered “The Gemstone of Purification”. It was named after the Greek goddess of the moon and it is used for shifting energy blockages and works to open you up and bring you a sense of peace and pureness. The reason it is such a good starting stone is because it’s not bringing you something specific that you need to meditate on and simply just carrying it with you can open you up to a new sense of wholeness.
Another good crystal to start with is Rose Quartz, which is one of my personal favorite crystals. Rose quartz is made up of silicon dioxide molecules and it has a pretty pink tent. This is definitely a stone for the romantics. It can bring you self-love and it deepens all kinds of relationships. It is best for the heart chakra and it grows your trusting abilities and can bring you deepened love connections. It can overall bring you more meaningful and deep relationships with friends, family, and romantic relations.
There are so many amazing types of quartz that you can use in all aspects of your life, but one of the best ones to use is clear quartz. Clear quartz is made up of oxygen and silicon atoms. It is definitely one of the best crystals to start with considering it can cleanse all the negative energies from the rest of your crystals. If you store them all together you can have a protectant to your crystals and be able to keep them clean and powerful. It also can work by itself by cleansing your mind and spirit and bring you emotional stability. It works as a restoration stone that can help you if you’ve recently gone through a hard part of life or if you are recovering from physical or mental illness.
The next crystal is great for everyone but specifically great for women. It’s called moonstone. There are many types of moonstone, but the most powerful is rainbow moonstone. Moonstone is made up of orthoclase and albite. It can promote divine femininity and encourage you during times of change. The same way our moon changes from phase to phase we can move through chapters of our lives. It can also help you to face the things that you cannot change in life. It is a great stone to align all of your chakras and can help all seven of your chakras work in harmony.
If you are looking for financial success there are stones out there for you too. Citrine is a great crystal for this and it is the one I use. With its radiant yellowish gold color it can bring you fortune and success wherever you need it. It can bring things such as promotions, raises, and even finding money on the side of the street. It can also bring you the confidence to go after those things you truly want in life and help you to achieve them with passion and dedication.
Now that you have some great crystals to start with, how do you use them properly? There are plenty of ways to use crystals and it’s really up to you to decide how you want to use the crystals that you have bought. There are tons of ways that you can get the most from your crystals from meditation to decor. You really have to try out a lot of different ways and see what works best for you. I feel the best way is to incorporate some of the suggested ways to utilize your stone into your everyday life and routine. Overall it is completely up to you and your style to decide what to do.
One of the most common ways to use your crystals is to just carry them with you throughout your day. People will carry them with them in their pockets, purses, etc. Some women will even keep the crystals with them in their brassieres. By doing this you can pick which crystal you think would best help you through the day and carry that one with you. If you have an interview that date maybe carry citrine, or if you’re going on a big date try carrying some rose quartz.
Another way to use them is as decor in your bedroom, office, common space, etc. They can cleanse the area of your room and make it feel a more peaceful place. Pair it with an essential oil machine and you can create a very safe feeling environment that can become your new happy place. They also just look really cool. They can become a great conversation piece and just add something special to a dull space.
Many people will use them to meditate and manifest. They will simply hold them while focusing their thoughts. They will use crystals that relate to whatever they are meditating or manifesting. It can help further these actions and can bring you more benefits from doing them. If you already participate in these activities I highly suggest adding a crystal or two next time, and if you have never done them I suggest at least trying. You can find plenty of guided videos online that can help beginners start these activities in a safe and easy environment.
Now that you know what crystals to use and how to use them, the final thing to know is how to maintain them. You have to cleanse your crystals. Not in a physical way, but clean their energies so that they can help you to the best of their abilities. There are many ways to do this. You can leave them in an open window seal overnight during a full moon, soak them in rain or saltwater, or you can bury them underground for at least 24 hours so that earth can give them its positive energies and take away the negative ones.
To maintain the crystals the best you can you need to cleanse them on a regular basis. This should probably be around once or twice a month by doing any of the things previously listed. You also should do these things once you get new crystals to give them a fresh start and get used to your energies. Crystals can work without doing these things, but this just gives you an advantage and helps utilize the stones the best you can.
If you’ve never thought about buying crystals or you have seen things about them on social media that seem interesting, but never actually bought any I highly suggest that you invest in crystals of your own. Simply start off with some simple ones and figure out how you want to use them and decide if this is something you could get behind. From there do more research and find crystals better suited for your specific personality and buy those and use them. Talk to the people at your local crystal shop and listen to their recommendations, because they know best. Crystals aren’t for everyone, but there is absolutely no harm in giving it a shot. A simple small crystal can cost anywhere around 2-5 dollars. The same cost as your morning starbucks, but the rewards could come back much greater than you ever imagined.

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