Tall vs. Short


Perrin Senke and another student

El Kerns, Student

Have you and your friends ever had the debate against each other over whether being shorter was better? Or the topic of you being shorter than your friends came up, setting into a playful argument? Or you have had a tall man stand in front of you at a concert, blocking your view and wished that he would have a heart attack?, the odds were against you.


Being taller can mean having an advantage in basic things such as reaching the top shelf or holding your personal belongings out of reach from people. Shorter people have physical advantages such as faster reaction times, a greater ability to speed up body movements, and stronger muscles in proportion to body weight.


Tall men are less likely to develop heart disease than short men, according to research that studied more than 200,000 people. E, every 2.5 inches of height meant a 13.5 percent lower likelihood of coronary artery disease.


On the health side, being short means less chance of blood clots and a lower risk for many cancers. Research also shows that less height sometimes means longer lifetime.


For taller individuals there’s an increased distance to the ground when they fall. While people that fall under a shorter height. Although being shorter does not ensure your tissue health is optimal either. Findings based on millions of deaths suggest that shorter, smaller bodies have lower death rates and fewer diet-related chronic diseases.


This all being said, after growing up shorter than most of the people around myself, I have been able to realize all the advantages that come with being smaller. For day to day life, being shorter makes it easier to be in small spaces with no worry. There is always room for you on the elevator, riding in cars is never a problem no matter what type, and your head will never touch low ceilings. For short girls, our height often can make us feel more feminine and high heels were made to look stunning on our feet. It’s also shown that sometimes shorter people can have more success in sports because we are often faster.


It’s also been shown that shorter people have greater endurance. This allows these people of shorter height to excel as gymnasts, skiers, martial artists, rock climbers, and figure skaters along with other sports.