The Spartan football team beats Valley High School in home opener 43-7 after rainout

In the end it took 27 hours, but the Berthoud High School football team won their first home game against Valley High School 43-7.  On Friday, Sept. 2, 2022 at 7 p.m.,  the Spartans lined up on the football field, and fans waited eagerly for Berthoud High School’s first home football game to begin, but shortly after, the game was rescheduled.  Rain clouds appeared and lightning started to strike, making it too dangerous to continue the game.  At about 7:45, Assistant Principal and Athletic Coordinator, Micheal Dewall, directed all of the fans off the bleachers, and students and staff were let inside the high school’s gymnasium.  The football players were also brought inside, but went to Head Coach Cory Ticnor’s classroom to take cover during the storm.  Fans cold, wet, and impatiently waiting for the game to restart, were let down later that night and when Dewall announced that the game would be rescheduled. 


On Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022 at 6 p.m., the game against Valley High School officially re-started..  In the first quarter, the Spartans scored 16 points, and by the end of the first half, Berthoud had an additional 20 points.  The third quarter was significantly lower scoring as neither team gained any points.  In the last quarter, Valley scored a touchdown followed by a PAT, putting their first points on the board.  Berthoud had also done the same, making the Spartans triumphant with a final score of 43-7.  Although it had taken an extra day, Berthoud claimed their victory and won in a landslide. 


Junior Alex Larson led in scoring with 18 points, making three touchdowns.  He was followed by Senior Evan Sauget scoring eight points by making one touchdown and a 2-point conversion.  Seniors Nolan Simon and Ben Hughes are next, tied with six points, both scoring a touchdown.  Then, Junior Uriah Chacon and Sophomore Bowen Kasperbaur scored a 2-point conversion, and Sophomore Benjamin Shroeder scored one point with a PAT.  Berthoud’s quarterback, Sophomore Skyler Streicher also had 149 passing yards during the game and passed one touchdown.   


The players and coaches alike felt very prepared going into the matchup against Valley High School, and the game proved that their confidence was not misplaced. 


“If Berthoud High School shows up tonight, the whole town, the players, it’s gonna be an electric night and it’s gonna work out for us,” states Assistant Coach, Daniel Francis.  


And what he said couldn’t have been more true; it was quite literally an “electric” night, and with everyone doing their part, the game went incredibly well.  Francis also explained how the off-season football program was critical in preparing the team for the season and in shaping their skills and knowledge of the game.


As for the rest of the season, the Spartans have high hopes.  


“It went really well, we played much better than last year,” said Sauget.  “We care for each other, work hard, and have confidence.  We also have the skills and support.” With this in mind, fans should expect an exciting season from the Spartans’ football team.