Is it really that bad to let social media take over your life?

Vivian Schiraldi

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to escape social media, so why try and fight it? If you think about it, social media is not all that bad. You can use it to connect with friends and family or meet people with similar interests.
Social media makes it easier to meet new people. Just think, nearly 23 years ago, to make friends, you had to be very outgoing, which for about half the population does not come easy. Before social media, it was hard to form connections with people. Through the use of smartphones, people can connect with others indirectly.

As previously mentioned, social media is a great way to build relationships. Using social media, you can connect with people who have common interests. For example, Facebook has you list your interests as you sign up so you can find people with common interests. Social media can also help connect people with their friend’s feelings and lives. BHS Senior Hayden Rose says, “Social media creates opportunities to find like-minded people”. Along with forming connections from person to person, we can form a connection between business owners to customers. Using social media, small businesses can get their name out in the world. For example, Crumble cookies started as a small business on Tik Tok, then grew as it gained internet popularity. Now, this store has over 400 locations worldwide.

A study conducted in 2015 showed that 83 percent of teenage users say social media makes them feel more connected to their friends, and 70 percent say it helps them understand their feelings (Pew Research Center). The use of social media can also help inspire its users to create. Social media can help inspire artists to create something spectacular. “It gives me a platform to share my work,” Says Rose.
Social Media does a lot more than help people find their creative voices, it can also help people learn new skills. The media is a hot spot for debate and discussions on matters of importance. Using social media, people can express their opinions freely and confidently. With all the events that have taken place, people feel more compelled to speak up about things they are passionate about. According to recent studies, about 75 percent of social media users say that people who post their opinions on social media, empower them to share theirs. 47 percent say it is important to voice your opinions to help a cause, and 32 percent of people find it easy to share their thoughts online in an engaging way that draws in people with the same opinion (Curious Youth).

I am not denying the fact that social media has its downsides. Much like most things on this planet, it has plenty. However, It is important to recognize the pros and the cons of every controversy.