BHS Soccer – Passion Behind the Sport

El Kerns, Staff Writer

At first soccer seems like a boring sport to some people but from these Berthoud High school Soccer plays it’s so much more than that. Teammates say that they’ve been playing for years, some have been playing since their childhood, others this is their first time but they all come together as a community. 

The team plays with passion and puts their all into the game, thinking about what they could do better after their games and playing with respect for the other team. Having nothing bad to say about the other teams they’ve played, mostly speaking about how the other teams they played against are nice to them and have definite skills.

Most of the interviewed teammates say that their game against Longmont, this year, had been their worst game yet, at a score of 9-1. Most of the responses to the questions asked about the team, they all very much agree that they think about what they could do better after any game whether they lost or won. 

Soccer player Liam Kane said, “I think about how we could do better.” after failing a game. He says the best part of soccer is the bonds he creates and creating friendships with his teammates.

Most of the team says they have never sustained any serious injuries playing the sport besides pulling muscles occasionally or twisting an ankle. Most not having broken anything while playing or done anything that affected the way they play present time.

Issac Hymel said, “We improved a lot over the season. The program is definitely better than it used to be and the coach has really pushed us to work harder and harder. The boys really worked together this year to help coach out with his new way of looking at things.”

Overall the season went well according to most of the team and coach. Everyone is happy about how the season is ending and most do not regret anything about their games. 

Our team this year has worked hard and has brought wins back to our school. Some losses but that has never seemed to stop Berthoud’s Soccer Spartans!