Vampire vs Werewolf; Why the Vampire is a Superior Fighter

Destiny Segovia, Editor

For a few years now, a question has been circling the internet, and with Halloween approaching, it’s the perfect time to bring it up once more. In a fight to the death, would a vampire or a werewolf win? Now, there are many factors to be considered while pondering this difficult question. For example; what are their weaknesses, their strengths, or are they immortal? In my personal opinion, a vampire would win any day of the week, although many would have to disagree with me. This debate has been slowly but steadily growing in our schools, workplaces, and families, people just can’t seem to settle on an answer. The majority thinks that a werewolf would win by raw strength, but I’m writing this to combat that opinion. Vampires are just as strong, fast, and I would argue more intelligent than a werewolf. A vampire wouldn’t win based on their strength but their brain. Not to mention the fact that they’re immortal. 


How can you beat something immortal anyways? The short answer is you can’t. In the vampire’s case, there are some ways, but it depends on what version of vampire you’re looking at. With a werewolf, all it takes is a silver bullet. In other versions, it can be any weapon that is silver. Vampires may have more weaknesses (ex: sunlight, garlic, crosses, holy water) but werewolves aren’t able to exploit those because when they transform they’re mostly, if not completely, out of control of what they do. It would be very hard for them to plan when their brain is just like that of a violent, wild animal in their wolf form. In most cases actually, a werewolf won’t even remember anything that happened while they were transformed, so they couldn’t even plan things out when in their human form. In a fight to the death, a vampire would win by smarts. They may be strong, but werewolves are too and the whole fight would be them both regenerating continuously. A vampire would most likely plan out how to kill the werewolf while using as little energy as possible. The only way a werewolf could beat a vampire is if they sought one out in the daylight, and dragged him out of his coffin to burn in the sunlight. But that brings me to my previous point again; when werewolves shift they aren’t in control of themselves and more than likely wouldn’t think to do that. 


But that debate is between the classical Count Dracula and the most common depictions of a werewolf. What if the versions were different? A fight between Twilight’s (A Netflix series) vampires and werewolves would come close, but the vampires would end up on top regardless. I talked to my Subway store manager, Brooks Hanson and this is what he had to say. “Werewolf by strength, vampire by wit.. but if we’re going twilight, I’m team Edward. He’s just hotter.” The pureblood vampires from the Webtoon Unholy Blood by Lina Im and Jeonghyeon Kim would annihilate any werewolf, but the normal vampires in the story probably wouldn’t since they are significantly weaker. The difference between a pureblood and a regular one is vast, a pureblood has white hair and blue eyes and is insanely strong, fast, and intelligent, among many other things. Regular vampires retain their normal appearance, the only difference being their red eyes and superhuman strength. Some honorable mentions in this Webtoon would be the Angels of Death and God (a half-pureblood vampire, named Yohan). The Angels of Death would easily kill a werewolf because in this webtoon anyone with a little bit of pureblood vampire blood in them has superior traits compared to normal vampires. In almost all versions and depictions of vampires and werewolves though, the vampire wins. 


Even though there is more evidence to support vampires winning this fight, the opinion that a werewolf would win is more popular. When this debate first started in class, my friends started arguing instantly. Some said vampires, but most of them said werewolves. I decided that to settle the debate, I needed to interview more people, so I took to questioning people through the popular social media app Snapchat. I also asked my coworkers, and a friend asked their family members. In the end, sixteen people voted that a werewolf would win, while only twelve people voted that a vampire would win. I noticed that people who said werewolves did not have much of an explanation other than werewolves being stronger. One person even said they would win because they are hotter. People who voted for vampires had actual evidence to support their claim, like how they are immortal, and just as strong and fast as a werewolf. This debate is far from being settled, which is why it needs to reach a wider audience. I think the best course of action is to keep this debate alive. The more people who share their opinion, the closer we could get to the actual truth of what would happen.