Uncrustables – Crusted or Not?

Hayden Rose, Editor

Uncrustables – the peanut butter and jelly sandwich most everyone who went to high school anytime after 1995 should be familiar with. Most people agree that these sandwiches don’t have a crust, however I am of the unpopular opinion that they do, in fact, have a crust for a multitude of reasons.

First, the company itself has nothing explicitly stated on their website that uncrustables DON’T have a crust, meaning nobody can definitively say that they don’t. Their advertising simply states, “sorry crust,” which could mean many things, the most appealing of which being that the crust was simply changed, not removed altogether. Even the name of the sandwich, “uncrustables” doesn’t mean that there isn’t a crust. In fact, I propose it means that the entirety of the bread is the crust, making it “uncrustable,” meaning one cannot “uncrust” the sandwich, as opposed to “uncrusted,” meaning the sandwich would lack a crust altogether. 

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of “crust” is as follows; the hardened exterior or surface of bread. Going by this definition, the “crimped” outer edge of an uncrustable sandwich is also considered a crust; it’s a hardened outer edge. Vivian Schiraldi, a senior here at BHS, said, “They have a crust because the outer edge of anything, especially bread, is considered the crust.” Ms. Lanter, a teacher here at BHS, agreed, “Even this table has a crust.” 

So what? It might not matter to most whether or not the sandwiches have a crust, but it’s important to understand that accepting that they don’t have a crust is giving in to the opinions of the majority, which makes you someone who’s “hopped on the bandwagon.,” so to speak. People need to think more for themselves, and this is my demonstration in doing so. 

People may say that they don’t have a crust because they’re called, “uncrustables,” but as stated previously, the grammar in that name makes it questionable at best. They’ll try to say that the crust is exclusively the browned part of baked bread, but the definition of the word crust doesn’t say that either, people simply assumed that was the only type of crust based on tradition.

They’ll say that the company has come out itself to say that they don’t have a crust, but the only evidence they’ve presented is from a measly Facebook post that simply says, “Hi, Joel! Uncrustables Sandwiches do not have crusts.” Joel the original poster of the question, “Does an Uncrustable have a crust?” even goes on to contradict himself. After reading the answer from Uncrustables, Joel states his allegiance towards the no crust side, but then goes on to boast to his friends, “Now you must both eat the crust for all eternity!!” Which, again, is a contradiction and goes to show that even Joel will admit that the sandwiches have a crust.

In the end, we all need to just take a step back and look at the big picture. Uncrustables may have subtle anti-crust advertising, and someone on Facebook under the company’s name may have said that they don’t have a crust, but I would say it isn’t that far of a reach to say that they do, and I will continue to stand by that for the rest of my time here at BHS.