Berthoud High School’s softball team qualifies for state following their regional tournament

Avery Graham

After having an outstanding season, Berthoud’s Lady Spartans take second at the 2022 CHSAA class 4A softball regionals on Friday, Oct. 15, and will go on to compete for the state title. During this tournament, Berthoud High School won two of their three regional games, making them 17-9, and is now ranked #12 in their division.


In their first game, taking place at 10 a.m., Berthoud was victorious against the Lewis-Palmer Rangers with the final score being 6-2. During the first inning, neither team scored, but the Rangers ended the second with 1 run. The following inning was also scoreless, but Berthoud earned their lost run back in the fourth.  By the end of the fifth inning, Berthoud had gained an additional 5 runs and kept Lewis-Palmer High School from scoring.  The Rangers ended up getting their second run in the sixth inning, but didn’t score in the seventh.  #10 Senior Mollie Davidson also hit a home run during this game, and #17 Senior Gracie Flores hit a double.


In the second game, beginning at 12:15 p.m., the Lady Spartans lost against Riverdale Ridge High School 0-10.  The Ravens scored 7 runs in the first inning, neither team scored in the second, and got 2 more in the third.  No runs were scored in the fourth and in the fifth, Riverdale Ridge got their last run.  During this game, the Ravens had 3 home runs and one double.


At 2:30 p.m., the third and final game took place, and was also against Lewis-Palmer High School.  This time, Berthoud won in a landslide with the final score being Lady Spartans 11, Rangers 1.  Berthoud High School began the game with a strong start, scoring 3 runs in the first inning and 2 in the second.  No runs were scored by either team in the third inning.  Berthoud later goes on to score 3 runs in each of the last two innings with the Rangers also gaining 1 in the last.  In this game, #24 Junior Cemryn Pickett hit a triple. 


For Berthoud High School, regionals went incredibly well, “I was very pleased with our performance at regionals,” explains Head Coach, Buddy Kouns.  “The girls played a complete game in the opener and were able to get a good win over a very competitive and hard hitting Lewis-Palmer team.  The loss to Riverdale Ridge was tough but I loved our response, we again played a nearly perfect game to finish off Lewis-Palmer again.  It can be very difficult to beat the same team twice in one day.” 


Because of how Berthoud performed, they placed second in their region, meaning they qualified for state.  The Lady Spartans and their coaches are now working tirelessly to prepare for their first state matchup, the Windsor Wizards, who they will face on Friday, Oct. 21 at 12:45 p.m.  “We are practicing a lot of different situations and what to do.  We are also working on hitting and base running so we stay smart on the bases.  Me personally, I am getting mentally prepared, taking a lot of reps, and just trying to stay positive,”  describes Freshman catcher #8 Elexia Griffin.


Berthoud High School’s  softball program has had an excellent season, and their performance during state is bound to be nothing less than that.  “We are looking forward to our matchup with Windsor.  I like our chances against any opponent if we bring our A game!”  states Kouns.