Lack of players in fall sports due to sports injuries

Brynn Moeller

Berthoud High School’s fall sports programs are lacking a tremendous amount of players due to athletic related injuries. Sports including volleyball, football, soccer, softball, and cross country. These varsity teams at BHS have to over compensate for other teammates because of the off balance of numbers. 

BHS athletic trainer Kylie Jasinski has to deal with all of these athletes on a daily basis, whether that’s rehab or finalizing doctor paperwork, she does it all. “I love all of these athletes individually but I can’t handle them on a daily basis, there are just TOO many!”, says Jasinski. As an athletic trainer, she does whatever she can to get kids back out there, and to the best of their abilities. She logs long hours, just to keep these young athletes healthy. “Being stuck with me for weeks on end is dreadful and it takes a lot of hard work,” says Jasinski. Rehab is definitely not fun, building yourself back up from nothing can take a toll on you, both mentally and physically. 

Due to the amount of injured athletes, BHS teams are losing a number of games that could’ve easily been won. Currently, there are about 15 athletes that are in the recovery process. With injuries ranging from concussions to broken limbs. These athletes put in everything they got to get back out there, and do what they do best. Bryson Moeller(9), an athlete who is currently in the recovery process due to a lacerated collarbone injury pertaining to football says, “Recovery isn’t always easy, it’s draining.”. Moeller has been going to rehab everyday after school for the past 3 months. Due to the extent of his injury he had to forfeit his first high school season, and had to  watch it from the sideline. “Kylie has helped me a lot. We do daily workouts, like, v-ups, pushups, squats and even run laps, to make sure that we stay in shape for when we come back.”, states Moeller. Jasinski is a miracle worker. She is the reason why kids bounce back from such tremendous injuries, in the ground breaking time that they have been. 

All BHS fall programs are still trying to solve this horrible problem that they are having in order to make it to this year’s state competition. But slowly athletes are coming back, in order to help their sport and program to further their season at State 2022.