Manifestation TikTok

El Kerns

There is a massive amount of videos on TikTok For You Page claiming singer Doja Cat promised money by September 1, 2022, to whomever used an ocean sounds audio for a video. But on Doja Cat’s official TikTok page, she doesn’t appear to be promoting this or has ever confirmed the rumor to be fact or a hoax. 

Now, people are saying they are posting the ocean sounds because they trust Doja Cat. There is still no evidence that Doja Cat started or endorsed this trend. Also, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that manifestation works. Having dreams and clear goals can be an effective way to help you achieve the things you want, such as the money many were clearly hoping to get from the TikTok sound. I feel like manifestation is real in ways, but not through TikTok videos and a hashtag.

Drama continues to spiral on the TikTok platform about people using the wrong audio to manifest the money and people continue rushing to use the sound in hopes of the money appearing in their bank account. The exact amount that was “promised” was $3,111, thus the hashtag #3111 started trending on TikTok with more than 51 million views. The sound has been used in more than 8 million TikToks. If the rumor going around TikTok was true, it would mean that the singer would have to pay more than twenty-four thousand eight hundred million dollars to the fan base using the sound.

Most of the videos under the sound have the caption, “Doja Cat manifested money for people who use this sound before the 31st. Not skipping.” The comments on many of the videos read, “Claim” or “Claiming this”’ as if the energy is transferable. The number of people using the sound continues to grow even while nobody seems to really know what Doja Cat has to do with the trend despite millions of users endlessly mentioning her in the manifestation videos.

Users on the platform often joke creating totally false news which could be the explanation of this popular rumor floating around TikTok. The videos and rumors spread and gained popularity fast. I feel like the likelihood of it being true and millions of people magically getting 3 thousand dollars from Doja’s manifestation is slim to none. Nobody has seemed to confirm that they got the $3,111 after using the sound as of October 2022.