Get to know math’s own “goofy” Mil Santos

Sophie Jaye, Staff Writer

Staff member Mil Santos is Berthoud High School’s assistant volleyball coach and algebra teacher. This is what he’s known for and his given title, but under the surface he is so much more than that. 

Santos grew up in Aurora, Colo., where he attended Aurora Central High School and went to college at Colorado State University. His mom encouraged and inspired him to pursue a career in education. Santos has been teaching now for a good 24 years! And around 21 of those years are at Berthoud High School. As you can imagine he must be exhausted after spending all those years with bratty teenagers so on his days off he likes to find activities to do with his wife and daughter. He says that his family likes watching movies, working out, and doing small house remodels.

Santos enjoys watching classical movies such as To Kill a Mockingbird. His favorite place he has traveled to is Florida, but more specifically, Disneyworld! ¨Loved all the roller coaster rides because of the rush they provided,¨ Santos says in an enthusiastic tone. 

He explains that he likes any animal that is non-threatening. And I’m sure all his students could imagine Santos snuggled up next to a dog. If you’ve seen Santos around the school, you might’ve noticed his neon beanie, this hat contributes to the fact that he loves any bright or neon color! 

Santos loves all types of music but he especially loves listening to R&B (Rhythm and Blues). Out of all the amazing songs out there he said he would pick ¨Billie Jean¨ by Michael Jackson. Although most people would express that their favorite holiday is Christmas or Halloween, Santos’ answer would definitely be “summer.” Santos says,¨Summer is an amazing time of the year because I love the warm/hot weather, everything is green and alive.¨  Considering he is always in sandals and shorts, this isn’t a surprising answer.  Freshman Bella Trujillo says that rumor has it he wears flip flops to sleep.  

He would rather stay at home and try different cooking recipes than going out to a fancy restaurant. His personal favorite meal to cook is Jambalaya. He also loves his mom’s Filipino egg rolls. Last but not least, when Santos was asked what his favorite movie genre was, he replied that he loves action movies.¨Kong VS. Godzilla, the greatest love story/action movie ever made,¨said Santos. We all know Santos is a die hard Godzilla fan.

¨He has a way of cooperating with students and tries to lighten the mood with everyone,¨ said Trujillo. Which is very true. Santos has the goofiest personality of them all and he always knows how to help with everyone.