It’s only the beginning for senior Ava Condon

Alex Hayes, Staff Writer

Ava Condon, a student here at Berthoud High School, known for her charismatic attitude and unique style, grew up in Berthoud.  Her style allows her to stand out at BHS. She has had quite the high school experiences with sports and activities as well as graduating early in front of her class.

 She has plans of living her best life being free and happy in her own skin. Striving to do good for others and being the light for them for being so caring. Making her friends laugh everyday with her silliness and motivating them everyday to do better. One rule she would change at school if she could is not being marked absent after showing up ten minutes late to class.

 “ I won’t have to deal with that for much longer, I’ll be outta here sooner than later” she smiled and laughed. “I would happily be living in the mountains and selling my art with all my friends and traveling the world.”

 Though she strived in her school work she is happy to be leaving in the next weeks that she has, and ready to strive in the real adult world. 

Music has been a big part of getting through these past years as her favorite artists such as Suicideboys, Mac Miller and KISS to get her through these crucial times. Basketball really taught her to be a team player and be there for your group and support them. She uses these skills and strengths in her relationships and work.

 Luckily nothing embarrassing happened throughout these years or nothing memorable for anybody to remember. She expressed how lucky she was to have really found a group of people to relate with and build each other positively and she can find herself in a good way. She continues to work hard for everything she has. Being so sly and funny at the same time, she has never had to have an excuse for not doing or forgetting her homework, she always communicated with her teachers and told them the truth. To which most of them were understanding. 

Students admire the confidence and positive attitude that she holds, though some can find that intimidating. She had some good times throughout high school but is ready for her next chapter in her life.