Open-minded and outgoing exchange student thrives at BHS

Kevin Bates, Staff Writer

Robbi Frazzetta is a junior at BHS, but what makes her stand out is that she is an exchange student from Italy. “I like Robbi because she is really open-minded and funny and outgoing,” said junior Jagoda Blumska.

 Frazetta participates in volleyball and she is in Sources of Strength. Frazzetta originally joined the club because of a friend who talked her into it, but now she enjoys it because of the teacher and how fun it is. Before moving to Berthoud, Frazzetta had played volleyball for 6 years. She started in 3rd grade up until 8th grade and then continued to play again in junior year. Frazzetta just finished the season playing on Junior Varsity for the Spartans. Ever since she was little, volleyball always seemed” very appealing“ to her.

Frazzetta is spending a whole year in Berthoud. Throughout her many school experiences, she says her most embarrassing moment would be when she was using her phone even though she isn’t supposed to, and she yelled into the microphone and the whole class and the teacher were staring at her for 5 minutes before she noticed. She says she was able to conclude not to break rules. She used to go to school with the same consistent people in a class for 5 years and she says she wasn’t able to really socialize outside of her classmates because they didn’t have time and she only knew the same classmates for 5 years. Frazzetta describes Berthoud as very different from what she was used to. She also says that she feels like she is able to have a closer relationship with students and teachers here which is something she wasn’t used to. Blumska, one of Frazzetta’s closest friends at BHS describes how they became good friends: “I met Robbi through Ms. Cline. She gave us the connection with all of the exchange students and we all started hanging out, and I and Robbi started to become really good friends.”

Frazzetta says a difference between Italy and Colorado would be choosing classes and says that she wasn’t able to choose her classes nor did her old school have as many choices for classes. Another difference was how their school and sports weren’t related, they didn’t have such things as school sports. Although most students may come up with an excuse from time to time about homework, Frazzetta was never one to come up with an excuse; she is just a purely honest student with her teachers. In 10 years, Frazzetta says she will see herself still traveling, studying, and living abroad. Some of Frazetta’s favorite music artists are Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, and Arctic Monkeys. One thing that says she enjoys doing is following the school spirit. “I enjoy following the school spirit week because we didn’t do things like that back in Italy,” she says

Frazzetta plays an important role here at BHS when it comes to being on the volleyball team and being a leader to her peers.