Drum Roll for the Drum Major!

Sophia Bloom, Staff Writer

Someone who has been involved in the Berthoud Community all her life, and has continued to progress and grow in her environment, deserves to be appreciated. Kayla Petrovich, a senior at Berthoud High School, has many accomplishments that are worth noting in her time in the high school.

Born and raised in Berthoud, Petrovich attended Berthoud Elementary and Turner Middle School before her freshman year at Berthoud High School. She has always had a passion for horses, sparked by her mother, and has followed that passion her entire life. At first she showed on the Arabian circuit, then briefly in western,  but now she’s a captain of the hunter jumper IEA team at Gargot Farms. Her dedication for her sport is one of her big accomplishments, as she received her letterman jacket in her sophomore year after logging 100 hours in the saddle. Petrovich also became drum major her junior year and has been outwardly dedicated to marching band since. Her responsibility to both of her interests doesn’t go unnoticed by her teammates and coaches. She’s always been an active member in the community in both regards.

When asked how she stayed motivated considering her rigorous schedule, Petrovich responded with, “My perfectionism. It’s hard, but doable.”  Sometimes she even listens to music, including some of her favorite artists like Imagine Dragons, Rihanna, and Jessie Murph. Horses have also always been a way for her to blow off steam, and been an outlet for her when she needed it. Among her lesser known facts is that she was a “decent competitive swimmer for a long time.” 

Petrovich describes herself as short, introverted, determined, and responsible. During her time at Berthoud, she fondly remembers hanging out in Mrs. Lanter’s room during off-periods as some of her fondest memories. One of her least fond memories is when she was reprimanded for going out the “wrong“ door in elementary school. This leads to something similar that she’d change now, saying that she would like to be able to go in the back doors as well as the front doors during the day. 

When asked where Petrovich sees herself in the future, she replied with “living somewhere warm with a dog and a cat. Maybe even in another country.” Her ambition is not completely out of reach, as she has been applying to schools on the coast on warm sandy beaches to hopefully major in international business. 

Good luck to Petrovich on all her future adventures! Born and raised in Berthoud, her impact on the community has been left and her dedication and responsibility don’t go unnoticed by those who have interacted with her firsthand. Horses will forever have a special place in her heart as she continues her journey at college, and her experiences as drum major will always be a fond memory to look back on. With many accomplishments under her belt already, it’s exciting to see what the future will hold for our drum major.