Life through the eyes of a future author

Destiny Segovia, Staff Writer

Alexis Wilcox, who goes by Lexi, is a senior at Berthoud High School this year. Wilcox would describe herself as a loyal friend, although she can be hard headed or stubborn because she refuses to back down from challenges, especially if she knows she’s right about that situation. She also said another couple of words to describe her would be weird and dedicated to whatever she’s doing because, “I refuse to stop working on something that I have started until I’m done with it.” If she could only use one emoji for the rest of her highschool days, she would use the laughing face emoji. This is because she already uses it a ton, and plus it’s a great replacement for lol. In order to get out of a homework assignment, Wilcox told the teacher she never got it, and it worked.

Wilcox’s favorite school memory would be when her and senior Colby Lee started dating four years ago, in the eighth grade. Wilcox says, “We were working in the logistics team for a food drive with Buchanan in eighth grade. I realized he was cute and we had classes together and so I started talking to him and we grew really close quickly.” Ever since then, they have been head over heels in love with each other. Wilcox’s future plans in ten years include marrying and starting a family with Colby, and living happily in general. “The moment that made me realize that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him is when he told me that no matter what trauma I have, he would be there for me.” When people tell her that they won’t work out, Wilcox says that she gets defensive because it’s already been four years and she doesn’t plan on letting him go anytime soon. 

Wilcox has also worked in her mother’s vegan food truck, Cilantro and Lime, for the past three years of her life. She said, “I like being able to have a job and get paid but I hate working for my mother.” Usually their food truck stops at breweries, and she works the most during the summer unless they have catering orders during the winter. Outside of school and work hours, Wilcox spends her free time with her friend Caleb Sherman and her boyfriend Lee. She also really enjoys skateboarding, as well as reading and writing. Currently she has a novel that she is writing, but she is considering scrapping it and just writing a series of short stories instead. She says that ideally, she wants to have a career as an author. Wilcox has been writing since the 8th grade, and the one author she looks up to the most is named Elizabeth Patterson. Wilcox says, “I wanted to be an author after I realized that I enjoyed writing creative stories, as well as having the ability to create this world which is entirely my own with these characters who are my own creations.” She also says that CS Lewis inspires her the most out of anybody. 

If given the opportunity, Wilcox would counter the rule of not being allowed to stay in certain places during an off hour. She thinks it’s a dumb rule, and sometimes she just goes to her friends’ classes or ‘off-limits’ areas anyways because she doesn’t care for the rule. When asked how she would plan a concert for our school, she said she would bring the artists Skillet, Rave the Requiem, and Theory of a Deadman. She also likes quite a few other artists, mainly Christianmusicians, but she said the list is so long that she didn’t want to list them. In Wilcox’s life, she says there are many things she regrets and things she would possibly even change. But from those mistakes, she taught herself to be a better person and actively learned from them. She is a very strong person, who always tries her best at everything she does.